A Crazy Week with Sound

This week we were dealing with audio projects. Continuing on with the storytelling aspects, we went to audio. I was really hesitant at first because I wasn’t comfortable with the audio aspect. I thought it was mainly going to be about recording yourself talking as the different assignments. I quickly learned that I was wrong. I found some assignments that were really fun to make. I took my favorite band, Imagine Dragons, and I put 5 of their songs together. That post can be found here. I enjoyed this assignment. I caught a little snag however, when I uploaded it to sound cloud, it was pulled for copyright infringement. So I had to upload it to the blog itself. The next audio assignment I did was the reversing song.  Can you guess which one it is? Take a shot over here! Next I did a daily create, about An Early Morning Meal with my Cats. The daily create was about posting something you did with your pet. Since my pets are at home, I had to use an old picture to show what I do wight them. I had a lot of fun sharing a part of my home life with the ds106 folks! I also listened to an interview the Groom and Paul had with Jennifer Ralston, a sound editor for The Wire. I really liked that interview because it brought a new insight to the world of film. I never really looked at the audio side to production. But Jennifer really put it in a way that really caught my attention.

Now let’s have a good week with Visual!

One thought on “A Crazy Week with Sound

  1. Last week was fun, I thought too. When starting “Audio Week” I thought that it would be really easy, but it was a little more than I thought it would be, but it was still fun. I also recorded a song and reversed it I had a little trouble with that, but it’s all good now. Going off of your last statements, I think for last week I finally got it together, Now I just need to comment, comment and more comment.

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