Another Week With Audio

Hey guys! Here is my weekly summary! I am definitely enjoying this time off that and I hope you guys are too! This week was another week filled with audio. At first I thought this was a daunting week but I really enjoyed it! These assignments were a great distraction from my actual work since my brain was on fall break mode already. I continued to work with audacity and I am getting to know it more and more.

One of the major assignments we had this week is the Radio show. We have to create a 20-30minute radio show based on The Wire. MY group is going to do a news broadcast of the different crimes that have happened throughout the show! We each have a 5 minute segment and we will split those segments up with the bumpers and the advertisements.

So with that said here’s what I did this week!

Daily creates!

The Wire Remixed

Words of Wisdom



Aladdin Soundtrack Mashup

Breakfast Time

Song Mashup



It’s All About the Eyes



Danielle Niepokoj’s post: Spooky Spooky

Alison Theot’s post: Can You Hear Me Now? 

Nicky Memita’s post: Reverse Blues

Digital Barrages’ post: London Bridge Techno


I hope you guys had a great week with audio and I’m definitely looking forward to next week!

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