Rsync is a great tool to use when you're moving large files between a server. Reclaim uses it often when working through migrations. To start, you'll want to make sure you're logged into the server where the content currently is.  Then you'll want to run the following command  'rsync -avz .' First, let's break down the command as a whole. 'rsync' literally means Remote Sync. This command allows you to copy and sync file and folders from one location to another. You'll need that part of the command first to ensure you're running the rsync command. Then you'll see...Read More

2020: New Beginnings

Well, 2020 is here! And what a year 2019 was. I have several drafts of things I've wanted to write (cough cough Domains19) that I didn't get to so I'm dusting this blog off as part of some of my 2020 professional "intentions" (I hate the word resolutions) to write more. And what a better way than to announce one thing that's changed in the first week of 2020. Before you think, what Meredith left Reclaim?!? No, no, quite the opposite! I've accepted the position of Interim Customer Support Manager. This is the first time I'm really writing that sentence...Read More

Growth through OER19

It's been a week since OER19 concluded and I'm a little late to the reflection game as I'm the last Reclaimer to post, but nonetheless, I'm writing! Jim, Lauren and I discussed all of our thoughts and reflections about our time at the conference as participants and a 'vendor' (said loosely) on Reclaim Today Episode 014: OER19 Therapy, but I thought I'd formalize my thoughts into a blog post as well. Stay tuned for the podcast link down at the bottom! First, I just want to say a huge thanks to the wonderful folks at ALT, Maren Deepwell and Martin...Read More

Getting Ready for OER19

Hiya! It's been a minute since I've written a post on my blog, but I'm back! And ooohhh boy do I have an exciting post! Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working to animate our OER19 ad to display at our Reclaim Hosting table. Lauren wrote about our process creating the Ad in her Be Kind Reclaim post. Sticking with our Reclaim Video aesthetic we decided to craft our own VHS covers to show some aspects of Reclaim Hosting and add them to our very own Reclaim Video shelf. We put together the full ad within an afternoon...Read More

Best Practices for Tickets– Left Sidebar

Continuing on with the Zendesk train here, Reclaim is developing the best way to handle tickets as they come in. Up until now, we've had a little system going but it definitely needed a bit of improvement. I thought it would be handy to write out how we use the left sidebar of our ticket viewer in Zendesk. So while this post is really used for employees at Reclaim, anyone can really take bits and pieces to this process their own. I'll start with an overview of what our window looks like when we're interacting with a user then move...Read More

Automations in Zendesk

If you've worked with me on a ticket in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a new email come into your inbox from Reclaim Hosting support. It might look something like this:  I've been experimenting with a feature of Zendesk that automates some of the processes that Reclaim would normally complete manually, in particular, following up with the client.  Now don't get me wrong, following up with the client is very important and we will definitely continue to do this where we can manually. With that said, it does take up time throughout the day and we...Read More

Reclaim Today Episode 008: Sparking Conversations

Last week, was a whirlwind of work. But while everyone was back in the office for a few days, Lauren and I sat down for our first solo Reclaim Today episode. Tim and Jim already have 8 episodes behind them so we needed to catch up for sure. Lauren and I jumped into a quick conversation about Spark. Now before I get into the gist of our conversation, I'm still new to using a third-party email client. I used AirMail for the past year I've been with Reclaim and before that, I used Gmail or iMail. It never really struck...Read More

Archiving a Twitter Account

One of this week's episodes of Reclaim Today sparked a conversation around archiving. These episodes are always a great listen, in this particular episode, Tim and Jim were chatting about Harvard's announcement to close down  A highlight of this talk occurs about 9 minutes in when Tim discusses how users begin to think about taking their content with them. Jim continues the conversation, describing that the blogging platform, specifically with UMW Blogs, was intended as a point of content creation with the notion that users own their content and can take it with them when they graduate. This became, as...Read More

Messing Around with Gutenberg

A change is coming to WordPress. Don't worry! It's not as big as you think-- but it's worth noting. With the most recent version, 4.9.8, I took the opportunity to explore a little more. I think a lot of the change is coming to the post and page editors.  But don't worry! If you're already overwhelmed with the change you can continue to edit a post in the normal editor. I've got you as well-- I'm going to go through some of the biggest changes and show you some tips and tricks to make the most of the Gutenberg editor....Read More

Reclaim Today

I've always enjoyed listening to Podcasts. I remember listening to some back in middle and high school, but recently I rediscovered them in college. I live about 2 and a half hours from my hometown, and my Spotify got repetitive during the many drives back and forth. I quickly locked into many series like Serial, S-Town, Anna Faris is Unqualified, and Nerdist (ID10T), to name a few. Do you all listen to any? What are some of your favorite? -- Seriously, let me know, I need more to listen to. I'm writing about Podcasts because Reclaim Hosting has taken on a...Read More