Journey to a Great City

So 4 stars down! As part of our visual week, I was going through the Visual Assignment Bank and the Story Map really caught my eye. I I was quickly running through different trips that I took that would fit perfectly into this, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my trip to London back in January of this year. I went with my grandparents for a week. We went all over the city and even made it to Greenwich to visit the Prime Meridian. I was trying to piece together where we went and when/what day we went. I think I got it pretty well. A favorite part of this trip, I was able to take my dad’s Canon Rebel camera with me. I really like take photographs and I think this trip really help me develop in those skills. So as I was looking back at the different photos to include in the story map, I could see how much fun the trip really was and the memories that we made! So after I finished putting together the different pictures, I went to add the map to the blog. However I ran into a snag. The code that’s given when you go to share the map doesn’t show up in the wordpress format. So my immediate thought was to jump to twitter and ask Jim Groom if he know how to help. Luckily I wasn’t the only person who was having this sort of trouble. John Meadows a fellow ds106er was doing his story map about his honeymoon. A few minutes after I tweeted Groom about the problem I was having he tweeted the same thing! So we went back and forth replying to each other’s tweets and we got to this conclusion:


You can find the map over here on the Knightlab Timeline website. Just a note you have to scroll down over the photo in order to see that captions I included with photos.  I really enjoyed making this assignment, it brought back a lot of memories from this awesome trip to London! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Journey to a Great City

  1. Nice. I like it when people try something different.
    I notice there’s no tutorials for the Story Map assignment. Would you want to try to make one? Since you ran into that embedding problem and worked through it, you probably know exactly what to tell people. Just a thought…

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