A Cool Week with Visuals

So this week was awesome! I really liked how it was a visual week. I really enjoy things like taking pictures and I was looking forward to the different assignments we could do! By far my favorite assignment was Favorite Lyrics! I really liked how I could use my own pictures to show the emotion of the song. My favorite picture is this one that has the song Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse on it

Here it is on Flickr!
Here it is on Flickr!


I think this is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve┬átaken!


The next assignment was can you spot the difference? I thought this one was a cool one too because as a kid I always loved looking at the pictures to spot the difference. Those pictures kept me busy for hours! Can you spot the difference in the pictures?

Check it out on Flickr!
Check it out on Flickr!
Check it out on Flickr!
Check it out on Flickr!

I posted the answer to the differences over here!

The final post I did this week was a StoryMap. I created a map about my trip to London I had over winter break. I really enjoyed creating this assignment as well! I had some trouble getting the post to show the map before but I was able to figure it out with the help of Professor Groom! My post can be found over here!

I also did a daily create! This one was to post about what was on the radio!

My Photoblitz!

This week were supposed to watch Episode 6, 7, and 8 in season 2 of the Wire. Since this week was visual, during our live tweeting sessions we watched the episode without the sound! I thought that was really cool, but it was really different. I participated in the showing of Episode 6! I didn’t watch the episode before watching it without the sound so I was confused during the episode. The rest of the episodes were great! I am really beginning to enjoy the show so I may have done a little binge watch this week. Oops!

As well as the live tweeting I also participated in the weekly video discussion we had for each of the episodes we watch during the week. I was a part of episode 7 this week! Check that out over here!

I really enjoyed this week and I’m looking forward to next week!

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