So this week was our design week, and just like last week where we had the photoblitz, this week we had a designblitz. There are many  different elements to design and we were supposed to find different ads around campus that showed different elements to design. My first instinct was to go to one of the bulletin boards that are all over campus. Here are the pictures I found!

This photo is an advertisement for SAE’s social media accounts. This ad uses two main design principles. One being dominance, in this space, the main catch is the SAE social media, which is the dominant part of the ad. There’s not much more room for anything else with in the ad. The next design element is color. This ad has a monochromatic color scheme. Even though there are other colors within the ad, the majority of the ad has a color scheme of blue. However, I don’t think this ad was very well made. There could have been more color added to the advertisement.


This next photo is an ad for Maker Monday’s in the Think Lab. I think this ad is great, it explains what the event is, and it also incorporates a lot of color, which draws your eye to the ad. This ad also uses great balance and proportion. It was balance out well because it uses the rule of thirds for the most part. The green vertical column helps split up the ad drawing your eye around the ad. And as far a proportion it works with that really well. There isn’t one space within the ad that is taking over the space.


This ad is a good example of minimalism. Even though the ad takes up all of the space, it isn’t too cluttered. It shows the perfect amount of balance. The lines at the top and bottom really balance the ad out. The image of the bread doesn’t overwhelm the space and the text fits in well with the space as well. The ad also has a sense of rhythm to it by allowing the viewer to look from the top to bottom.


This ad has some design elements that it doesn’t use very well. There is too much going on within the space of the ad. There are two different dominant parts that are fighting to take the full space of the ad. The typography doesn’t let the image take over the ad, it overwhelms the space. It conveys a good message for Cheap Seats but it is just too overwhelming.


I really enjoyed looking for different designs throughout the different ad and spaces throughout campus!

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