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Tonight, I’m feeling inspired. In my free time, I like to watch different YouTubers, and their different content they put up on their channels. Some post videos of their day to day life. Tonight was one of those nights.  Some post weekly videos, whatever theme it is that week. These people put a smile on my face, everyday. Its almost like they are “friends.” And I say friends because these people are just so personable that its almost like they are having a conversation with just one person rather than the hundreds of thousands of people that are subscribed to them. And these people have millions of subscribers. But anyway, I really enjoy the content that these people create and it inspires me to want to create more things and web content. I have always liked making different things online. The ds106 class I’m taking this semester is one way I am creating different content. I have my own blog for that class over here.

So since I am feeling inspired, I decided to take different Instagram pictures from some of these YouTubers! I just took a screen shot of the different pictures and added them to Photoshop to create this collage!

Inspiration collage

I love to travel so I added a ton of travel pictures. I also tried to pick different photos with a ton of different colors. I just think colors help me stay inspired. One of my favorite photos in this collage is the one that has the spray painted start on it. This is from ShayCarl. He is a daily vlogger on YouTube, who has been posting videos pretty much everyday for 5 years. What I really like about this photo is the caption, he says, “Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.” And this is so true, sometimes starting is the toughest part.  So I actually have this on my bulletin board at my desk in my room. That’s also a little inspiration space that I have. The other photos in the collage are from different YouTubers that I am subscribed to. They are Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Ben Brown, Louis Cole, and Jack Harries. I really had a lot of fun making this and I think it turned out really well! I hope you enjoy this collage!

I wrote a post about a radio show that I created this week as part of my ds106 class. I wrote about why I like the creation process:

I really enjoy making all of the different assignments we have and I think its really a good thing to do. I’ve always wanted to start creating different things on the web and this is a great way to do it! I just love the process it takes to make a final product. It gives a great sense of accomplishment when you finish something that you have put a great lot of effort into it. One of my favorite parts to these assignments the editing process! I think that’s one of my favorite things, to take the different pieces and put them together to make one great thing! I really think this process turned out really well.

I have tons of fun with the creation aspect to the web. The web is such a great space where there are so many opportunities. After I finish something I get this great sense of happiness because I look at it and I’m like, I made that. That’s my own work. And that also scares me too. I get so nervous when I post new things because I’m afraid that no one will like it.

When I go to post something.

And that’s what I love the process of creating different things because its taking that risk and showing people what you’ve made that is what makes it all worth sharing. I hope that makes sense! But anyway, I should head off to bed, but I wanted to write this while all of my thoughts were fresh in my head. But I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love how you put all this, Meredith! I feel exactly the same way about being excited yet anxious to put my creative content out there, cause it’s like a little piece of my SOUL, and that can be a scary thing to share. But it’s worth it to let your creative juices flow, as you never know how they might inspire someone to do the same … just like how others doing that inspired you! This is why I love the Internet 🙂

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