Look, Listen, Analyze

Hiya! For the Look, Listen, Analyze, portion of our assignments this week I wanted to incorporate an opening scene. I wanted to do this because when I first watch an episode its usually from the beginning. So the opening scene would be perfect! I decided to use episode 10 from season 3:



So this scene is a really important one because this is the crime scene. I watched this scene with the sound off to get a good movement from the cameras. First the camera moves with the men rolling the gurney. Then it cuts to the body on the ground. After that it cuts back up, and a car rolls into the scene from the left side of the screen. Some dialogue is exchanged then it continues through the shot out of view.


So after I watched the scene without the audio, I went to watch it without the visuals. The scene opens up with sirens, and some background chatter from the people working on the crime scene. ┬áSome one says “Mike where you at?” And Mike Responds: “Yeah over here.” Then someone says “Drug War?” More chatter happens, and when then someone says, “Man I don’t know where we at.” Then someone answers, “We are in the Baltimore, Lamar. Baltimore, Maryland.” Then you can hear the car roll out of the shot.


I picked this scene because I thought it was a good establishing scene for the episode. I like this because there is a lot of interesting sounds within the scene and there isn’t too much dialogue, it’s easy to follow. The camera movement is in sync with what is going on in the scene, it moves with the subjects. Overall I like this scene, because of all of the interesting things that are going on.

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