One Tool Madness

So the first project is completed! I had a ton of fun with this one. We were tasked with creating an image using just one tool in photoshop. So take a look at what I came up with!


The transform tool allows to rotate, skew, scale, and distort the image in any way you can think of. I posted this image that I took while in London for a semester abroad on Instagram last week:

Now this was before the assignment was given out. But as soon as I read the prompt, I knew I could do something with this image. I thought it would be cool to flip and rotate the building to create a circle pattern. Heres what I came up with:

I think this came out really well! I was really easy to start out but it was really tedious once I got halfway through.

Clone Stamp:

So for this one, I saw all of the rocks and thought, how cool would this look if they were all jumbled up? I decided to use the clone stamp tool to split the photo up into different columns. Here is the original and the final image underneath!

With the help of guides, I was able to section off 1 inch columns of the photo and then jumble up each column to create this awesome puzzle effect!


My final tool was the eraser too. I decided to take another photo I took in the British Museum and turn the ceiling into a lattice like mask. So here is what the beginning image looked like:

Then I added the first of the 3 patterns to the image, and began to erase all of the color from in between the triangles.

Then about a third of the way down, I replaced the first pattern with another, erasing the surrounding areas so that it would fit in between the lines.

Finally for the last third of the image I did the same thing but with a different picture, all the while erasing the color from the triangles so that the patterns showed through.

Here is the final image!

I had a ton of fun with this project and I can’t wait to get started on the next one! I hope you enjoyed the images!