Cory Arcangel

Cory’s artwork is very interesting. And he also documents them very well. His website has a wide range of his work. I like that he has created clothing as well. The other artists, with the exception of Rashaad, have not worked with clothes. I also like that you can purchase the items from his website.

I love his book, Working on My Novel, where he has compiled over 100 tweets to create a narravtive about how novel writing is difficult, but in a funny way.

His gradient works are awesome as well. He creates so many combinations of the gradients that each one is new. He has turned some of these gradients into bedsheets as well.

I really enjoyed his exhibit of Be the First of Your Friends as well. This exhibit was in the back of a Louis Vuitton store in Munich Germany. The location itself is very interesting. I also like how each piece looks like it could be an advertisement at a bus stop or even at a metro stop.

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