Jason Salavon

In my research of Jason, I found that he uses a lot of color. So I wanted to write about a few of his pieces that I thought used a lot of color in an interesting way.

All the Ways (the Simpsons):

I thought this was really interesting. Also really loud. I never thought to superimpose all of the episodes of the show. I pressed play and was instantly hit with a crazy sound of the theme song and some episodes starting quickly. I could only watch for a few minutes but I really thought this was interesting.

MTV’s 10 Greatest Music Videos of All Time:

I really enjoyed this one. I think his approach to take out all of the detail to make a color scheme was a good approach. Its interesting to analyze how many of the videos had similar color schemes. The above photo was the only one with a mainly blue scheme.

Digital Cave:

I thought this was such an interesting take on something that you need to experience in person. It was a great take on how to display a cave in an interesting way. He makes the space around it feel like a cave  but really its only a museum space.

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