Deja Vu

I had a complete moment of deja vu on Friday and I have no idea why. Reclaim is putting on a workshop next week called Workshop of Own’s One. We are showing some Domain of One’s Own administrators from a few schools an in-depth look at supporting DoOO. This past week was full of research and preparation for our presentations, my topics are website migrations and domain transfers.

As I’m researching website databases, I had this strong feeling that I was sitting in a library like I was writing a research paper for a class. This was the strangest feeling too because I was sitting in the office at my laptop, definitely not the library. Tim was building a barn door to section off the unfinished side to the office, and Lauren was in the conference room working on her portion of the workshop as well. This was definitely not a library.

After the deja vu subsided, I got to thinking and realized that the learning doesn’t really stop after college. I don’t completely stop preparing presentations, researching new topics, or write blog posts. I continue to learn new things every day. And now it’s actually things I enjoy and want to learn not what I need to learn to graduate on time.

Here are what the doors look like now! They’ll be hung before the end of the week:



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