Intentional Learning: February

This past month, Reclaim has embarked on a journey of intentional learning. Learning has been at the forefront of Reclaim’s core values and something I’ve personally enjoyed during my time with Reclaim. It’s always pushed me to learn as much as I can, pushing me to grow within my position. And that’s been the foundation of my Customer Support Manager position. I’ve jumped into learning what it looks like to a teacher first, manager second.

But before I get too in the weeds with another post (that’s on the docket and coming soon), I wanted to talk about February’s Intentional Learning, Domains in cPanel and File Structures. I’ll also use this time to experiment with March’s learning topic: WordPress! There’s a ton to unpack with this month so I’m super excited to jump in.

When working with the curriculum for this month’s learning, I wanted to start with the basics. Domains and File structure are where most of the basics happen in cPanel, particularly addon domains and application management.

To do this, I split up the month into 3 sections. The first section was all about Domain Management, covering everything from Addon domains, to aliases, and subdomains.

Section 2 was all about file structures within the File Manager. We looked at designating when it’s best to use subdomains vs subfolder, the public_html directory, understanding the .htaccess files, and even file permissions.

Section 3 ended up being more in-depth about file structures within applications and troubleshooting some common errors, like HTTP 500 errors or 403 Forbidden errors.

With a base of learning down, we were all tasked with writing about what’d we learned, whether that be through documentation, blogging, or support tickets. I really wanted this month to be a conversation in a tangible way that we could use to scale as we grow, which leads us into March perfectly!

At the end of the month, we all met as a team (!!!) to discuss the learning that happened over the last couple of months. This doesn’t happen very often with busy schedules and remote workers but it was so great to be able to sit down as a team!

I didn’t think to grab a screenshot of our meeting so thank you thank you, Lauren!

During the discussion, I only asked 1 question, what stood out to you? That was the only question needed, and we were off, we can talk a ton 🙂

The next piece was examples to apply our learning. I broke my site a few times to demonstrate, plugin errors causing the HTTP 500 error, permissions, and core file updates. Then we worked through each piece to solidify our discussion.

So as we look forward to March, Jim introduced the topic of WordPress and using it as a tool to document our learning. Which is a major throwback! I can clearly remember learning WordPress on the fly while in wire106 at UMW, which became a huge part of my web presence and digital foundation. Without WordPress and ds106, I’m not sure I would have written as much as I have over the last 5-6 years.

To wrap up February, I took the time to write 4 blog posts encompassing the file structure and domain management:

As March rolls in, I’m excited to see what the team comes up with! And of course, stay tuned here, more posts coming soon!

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