May the Domains be with You

May’s Intentional learning is Domain of One’s Own. I’m super excited for this month! Not only because DoOO is such a big part of Relcaim’s infrastructure but it’s always nice to have a refresher on how the system works together to create a space for students to start carving out their own space online.

So to start the monthly learning, I wanted to refresh myself with an overview of DoOO. Lauren created a virtual walkthrough tour of the 3 facets to the product, WordPress, WHMCS, and WHM a few years ago. It’s a short and sweet 35-minute video that gives you a taste of the system itself. I never realized really how much all 3 pieces interconnected together but Lauren does an awesome job connecting them into the video!

As I was watching, I started to jot down some notes of things that stood out to me, but I found I was writing ideas down for potential documentation to write! So I wanted to write this post as a way to document the ideas for what I want to write this month (and mainly accountability on my end):

  • Highlighting plugins used in the WordPress site
    • Remvoing Dashboard Access
    • Switch User’s
  • Giving Students/Users Access to their cPanel after Graduation/Leaving Instution
  • Removing application access within Installatron
  • Highlighting important files within the WordPress theme that are necessary for the DoOO infrastructure to work
  • Adding WHMCS administrator users
  • Interpreting WHMCS Log information
  • Finding Account numbers

And this is just to name a few! I do want to take the time this month to bolster our documentation for admins and end users alike as we’re big into teaching first 🙂

I’m ready to dive back into intentional learning and taking the time to really focus on Domain of One’s Own. Stay tuned!

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