Reclaim Cloud Training: Mattermost

One of my goals for 2022 is to spend some more focused time learning as much as I can on Reclaim Cloud. I've realized more (more now lately) that I am completely new to this mystical "Cloud" and all that's possible with it. I initially took some training when we first started to get prepared on admin side of Reclaim Cloud where we can manage any user management and billing. With the admin side training, I am very new to everything Cloud related. And with the Cloud, the possibilities are endless, which is super daunting. But I've been challenging myself...Read More

OERxDomains21 Love

Last week ended on a high note. We'd just wrapped up the OERxDomains21 conference a 2 day whirlwind of presentations, stories, shared moments, and lots of typing. I sat back in my "command center" in the Reclaim Conference room/studio and I was just amazed at the awesomeness that occurred over the last two days. Another conference in the books! This was one of the first years where I wasn't presenting at the conference. In years past, I talked about Scaling in the Open at OER20 and Growth through OER19. Over the years this conference has always been one of my favorite...Read More

Evolving Workspaces and Working From Home

2020 has definitely taken a lot of twists and turns since the beginning of January, both good and bad. While I've been working as the Customer Support Manager over the last couple of months I've also had to manage to work from home for the first time! I'm sure like many of us, working from home has been a new experience we weren't expecting to have to do this year. I just wanted to take this time to document what my workspace has evolved to over the course of Reclaim's social distancing time. I've seen many people shift to start...Read More

May the Domains be with You

May's Intentional learning is Domain of One's Own. I'm super excited for this month! Not only because DoOO is such a big part of Relcaim's infrastructure but it's always nice to have a refresher on how the system works together to create a space for students to start carving out their own space online. So to start the monthly learning, I wanted to refresh myself with an overview of DoOO. Lauren created a virtual walkthrough tour of the 3 facets to the product, WordPress, WHMCS, and WHM a few years ago. It's a short and sweet 35-minute video that gives...Read More

ds106radio Chats

One of my favorite things to come out of this time of social distancing has been the revival of ds106radio. Its been such a treat to jump online to listen to music and conversations! I was first on the radio back in 2014 when I took wire106. Classmates and I create a group project to produce/record/edit our own radioshow. These episodes were all centered around the Wire. I've got an archive of the class (sans images which is a whole other story) but it's worth a look through! So as Jim's been streaming he started brining on each of us...Read More

OER20: Scaling in the Open

So another presentation at a conference in the books! I never thought I'd present virtually, let alone in my dining room (peep the microwave in my background during the videos), but the folks at ALT sure do know how to throw a shindig! I've enjoyed the conference so much and hearing all the wonderful work folks in the community have shared over the last couple of days! I wanted to share a little transcript of sorts for my presentation along with the slides. If you also want to watch the presentation-- the moderators of the session recorded it! The webinar...Read More

Updraft Plus vs All-in-One

During the discussion of the February intentional learning, Jim mentioned he started using the All-in-One WP migration plugin when working with WordPress to WordPress migrations. Through the many migrations I've done while at Reclaim, I've found the easiest option is to use a backup/migration plugin like UpDraft or All-in-One, because most of the time I don't get access to the file system of the account where I can get a copy of the files and database. Both plugins have I've used Updraft Plus in the past, and it's been very easy to use. But I wanted to do a comparison...Read More

Intentional Learning: February

This past month, Reclaim has embarked on a journey of intentional learning. Learning has been at the forefront of Reclaim's core values and something I've personally enjoyed during my time with Reclaim. It's always pushed me to learn as much as I can, pushing me to grow within my position. And that's been the foundation of my Customer Support Manager position. I've jumped into learning what it looks like to a teacher first, manager second. But before I get too in the weeds with another post (that's on the docket and coming soon), I wanted to talk about February's Intentional...Read More

WordPress Login Screen through Installatron

Have you ever tried to log into your WordPress site through your cPanel but you've hit a login screen instead of the dashboard? Annoying, right? Installatron's auto-login for WordPress is such a great feature until it doesn't work (of course). Quite often, this happens because the URL that's stored in the database for that particular domain doesn't match what Installatron stores to login. This breaks the bridge Installatron creates, through a deleteme file, resulting in the login screen. To troubleshoot this, you'll want to make sure you're logging in through cPanel and clicking the 'My Apps' section to bring up...Read More

Domain Transfer Tips and Tricks

Have you run into any issues when transferring a domain recently? There are EPP codes, privacy protection, emails to approve or deny the transfer, unlocking the domain at the registrar, .etc. So I'd like to use this post as a guide to getting the domain set up properly to ensure the transfer goes through on the first try. Before we get started too, Reclaim Hosting has a great guide that walks users through the process. I just wanted to write this post to showcase the tips I've found to be useful when working with users transferring their domains over the...Read More