First off, I thought it was cool that “Benjamin Franklin” was blogging about this crime. He mentioned a lot about how the girl died. And I particularly found this one very interesting because it is now in a time period that I am familiar with but also this is a new type of punishment given. “To be burnt in the Hand” is basically being branded for the crime that you committed. The mother and father both received an M on their hand for manslaughter, or murder, for killing the daughter.

As I was reading this, I was horrified to see that they both fed the daughter her own feces when she just wanted some bread. I mean, how could you not love someone enough to not take care of them? I just think that this is one of the worst crimes we have read so far. Just because they just didn’t take care of the daughter. No one should have to suffer for that.

The rebellion that Nat Turner led, killed 55 whites. The whites then responded and killed over 100 blacks, including Turner. I found his confession very interesting. Turner led a normal slave life, he was born into a slave family. His life was normal until he led the rebellion in 1831. He was then convicted as an insurgent, or a rebel, and then hung. This is one of the first signs that slavery was not a particularly favorite thing. However, slavery will go on to last for the next hundred years. Nat Turner was branded the “Great Bandit” for his leadership role in the rebellion. I applaud Turner for his role in history. He had a lot of guts to start this. And he died for his country and fought for what he believed in.