Finishing Up!

This is so bittersweet! My last post for wire106 and ds106 (hopefully not ds106)! This semester was so much fun and its all thanks to this class! Ds106 was my favorite class I’ve taken so far here at UMW and I’m really glad I decided to take it. I was on the fence over the summer and whether or not I should take it but I don’t regret that decision at all. I learned so much from this class and its helped me learn about what I potentially want to work with as a career. I can’t recommend this class enough!

This class was particularly special because it was an online class. Normally you would think an online class would just be you yourself and you. I think of an online class as sitting down in front of the computer for hours trying to understand the topic. That normally doesn’t work for me, I need hands on experience to learn a topic. I quickly found out that this class was anything but that! Between the weekly lunches, video discussions, and the group projects I quickly learned that this class was something special. I still had the face to face interaction that a traditional lecture class would have, but with no lecture! It was a great mix!

I think the assignments were the best part to the entire class, besides having to watch TV for homework. Although my stomach would drop at the beginning of the week when we all got the weekly emails with our quota for the week and I would be so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, I really enjoyed them! I would always dread sitting down to plan them, but once I did I knocked them out all in one go. The beginning of the semester was a little rocky but once the semester was in full swing I got the hang of things and now I don’t think I’ll ever forget the skills I learned in ds106.


So as I’m writing this I feel like this:

The semester is almost over! That’s so exciting! But I also feel like this:

I don’t want this class to end! I just want to keep creating things and watching TV for homework! But I do realize that all great things must come to an end. Ds106 was a great chapter in my great novel of my life! So with that being said I don’t think this would be a weekly summary without showing you what I did this week! Take a look! And if you want to see what else I’ve done this semester check out my past weekly summaries at the end of this post.


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Daily Creates:

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Radio Show Week!

Hi guys! So this week was the radio show week! So as a group, Demi, David, Amy and I decided we would create a news reel for different events that happened throughout the Wire. We met twice during the process of creating the radio show, once to brainstorm what we were going to do and the second time to finalize what was going on and pick what specific part we were going to create. . We created a google doc of our ideas! So we decided to create our own “sub” radio station called 76.5. From there we each made a different story that happened throughout the course of the show, mainly throughout season 2. So I did a story on the yacht that was stuck in the shipping channel, a story on Ziggy’s rampage and the stolen cars. Once everyone was done with their parts they emailed me the files so I could put them all together in Audacity. I put everything together and I created an intro and an ending to the show. I really enjoy making all of the different assignments we have and I think its really a good thing to do. I’ve always wanted to start creating different things on the web and this is a great way to do it! I just love the process it takes to make a final product. It gives a great sense of accomplishment when you finish something that you have put a great lot of effort into it. One of my favorite parts to these assignments the editing process! I think that’s one of my favorite things, to take the different pieces and put them together to make one great thing! I really think this process turned out really well.

Another part I did to the show is a bumper sticker. I took the logo that David created and I added a little slogan to it!


So here it is! The final product to the radio show! Enjoy!

Also here are some of the comments that I’ve done this week!

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This was my work station for the day!


Song Mashup

Hi there! This assignment was the Music Mashup (3 1/2 stars), where I took two completely separate songs and put them together. I decided to take Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Imagine Dragons’ It’s time and put them together. I took the vocals to Rolling in the Deep and the instrumental to It’s Time.  And I have to say I had fun with the process but I also think it was a complete fail. I just couldn’t get them to line up so that it sounded decent. I first used the songs beause the both had the same tempo of 105 beats per minute (bpm). I discovered this because this website, the Music Database has a list of all songs and you can find which ones have the same bpm. Bothe the songs were in that same field. So I decided to put those together and see how it came out. For the most part the song sounds fine together but at some point they just don’t match up very well. It just seems like its too much. So overall this just didn’t work out.

Although it didn’t really work out I did learn a lot about audacity! While putting the songs together I experimented with the volume of the separate tracks. I played around with each one until I felt like there was a good balance with the two of them. I also trimmed the beginning to each song so they would start at the same time. I also used a fade in and a fade out so it wouldn’t just end abruptly. Before I decided which songs I was going to use I also experimented with the different pace, tempos, pitch, speed. I am still working with those to see if there is a better way to match up the songs.

Anyway, I hope this isn’t too bad and it doesn’t hurt the ears too much! Enjoy!



Aladdin Soundtrack Mashup

Hiya! This assignment, Movie as Radio (3 1/2 stars), was a lot of fun! We were supposed to take a soundtrack to a movie and combine all of the tracks to create a 10 minute or less. I thought this assignment would be so fun if I did a Disney movie. I grew up as a Disney kid and I knew that I could do my favorite movie. So I decided to mashup the Aladdin soundtrack. I love this movie, and I thought it would be perfect.  There is a good mix of vocals and instrumentals to the soundtrack.

So what I did to mash all of the tracks together: I couldn’t download all of the tracks and put them all into the same track, it would just have been way too long, like over an hour. So I picked a few of the instrumentals and I tried to get most of the vocal songs. I found YouTube videos for each track and I converted them into mp3 tracks using an online service called Video2mp3. Once I had all of the tracks downloaded and ready to go I added each one into audacity. After I selected which part of the track I wanted to use I went on the the next track. Finally I compiled all of those sections to the beginning track. This part was tough. I didn’t want to have such a harsh transition from one track to the other, where one track would cut to the next. After all of the tracks where in the place I wanted them to be I went through each section and added a fade in to the beginning and a fade out at the end, this way when the transition happened between each track it wasn’t so abrupt.

I really enjoyed this assignment! I think it worked out well and I was able to learn more about the different effects you can add to your track in audacity. It was a way for me to visualize the movie with just the audio portion. Now I really want to watch all of the old Disney classics again!

Breakfast Time!

Hey guys! This assignment, Sound Effects Story (3 1/2 stars), was actually really fun! I was able to play around with audacity more than I did the last audio week. We had to tell a story without using any vocals. At first I thought this was a challenge as I was brainstorming ideas I could do for this, but then I just asked myself, what do you do on a daily basis? And there first thing that popped into my head, was breakfast. I always make sure I eat breakfast before I start my day. If I don’t, my day will just be off for the rest of the day. So anyway, I thought why don’t I tell a story of someone getting bowl of cereal. As soon as I had my main concept, I broke down how someone would get a bowl of cereal. I thought it would be strange for someone to start eating the cereal right away so I felt like there needed to be some sort of introduction to the space, which is the kitchen. I have the woman walking (high heeled steps on the wooden floor) into the kitchen then flick the light on. She walks over to the counter where she grabs her bowl and spoon. She picks up a box of cereal and pours it in the bowl. She then walks to the fridge to get the milk, she pours the milk into the bowl, puts the milk back in the fridge. She then enjoys her bowl of cereal!

While I was making this I was trying to figure out how I could get all of the sounds to put it together. After googling a little, I found a good website where I could download different sound effects for free. This website is where I found most of my sound effects. After I found this website, I searched for different sounds and chose which one was the best for the one to use in the track. I downloaded the sounds and added them to the track in audacity. I cut and pasted the audio into the final product until the whole story was complete!

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy it!

Reversing a Song

Another awesome assignment this week is to reverse a song and see who can guess it first! I thought this would be a fun little game so I decided to try it out. I first found the song, with the help of my room mate, I then tried to reverse the song in iMovie but I eventually found that Audacity was the best bet in reversing the song. Although it had the easiest option, I had some trouble getting it to export to MP3 format to upload to Sound Cloud. I was able to figure it out with the help of Jim Groom. You can find the song here, but I will put it down below as well.  So here it is! Let me know what song you think it is in the comments below!


Mashup to Imagine Dragons

One audio assignment that really stood out to me was the So and So’s Greatests Hits. I immediately thought of different bands that I could possibly do for this one and my mind jumped to Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands and I thought this would be pretty easy to do. I decided to pick the 5 most popular songs that they have and put them all together. I decided to use Garage Band, which is the Apple version of Audacity to create the mashup. I already had the songs within my iTunes so it was easy enough to insert them into a song. Then I exported it into my iTunes library. I attempted to upload it to sound cloud but it was flagged as a copyright violation. So to sir of go around that I uploaded it here! Enjoy!