Finishing Up!

This is so bittersweet! My last post for wire106 and ds106 (hopefully not ds106)! This semester was so much fun and its all thanks to this class! Ds106 was my favorite class I’ve taken so far here at UMW and I’m really glad I decided to take it. I was on the fence over the summer and whether or not I should take it but I don’t regret that decision at all. I learned so much from this class and its helped me learn about what I potentially want to work with as a career. I can’t recommend this class enough!

This class was particularly special because it was an online class. Normally you would think an online class would just be you yourself and you. I think of an online class as sitting down in front of the computer for hours trying to understand the topic. That normally doesn’t work for me, I need hands on experience to learn a topic. I quickly found out that this class was anything but that! Between the weekly lunches, video discussions, and the group projects I quickly learned that this class was something special. I still had the face to face interaction that a traditional lecture class would have, but with no lecture! It was a great mix!

I think the assignments were the best part to the entire class, besides having to watch TV for homework. Although my stomach would drop at the beginning of the week when we all got the weekly emails with our quota for the week and I would be so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, I really enjoyed them! I would always dread sitting down to plan them, but once I did I knocked them out all in one go. The beginning of the semester was a little rocky but once the semester was in full swing I got the hang of things and now I don’t think I’ll ever forget the skills I learned in ds106.


So as I’m writing this I feel like this:

The semester is almost over! That’s so exciting! But I also feel like this:

I don’t want this class to end! I just want to keep creating things and watching TV for homework! But I do realize that all great things must come to an end. Ds106 was a great chapter in my great novel of my life! So with that being said I don’t think this would be a weekly summary without showing you what I did this week! Take a look! And if you want to see what else I’ve done this semester check out my past weekly summaries at the end of this post.


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TV Trailer

Hi! So my first assignment, Trailer It (3 stars) was a lot of fun to make! I was deciding what I would make throughout the week and this one jumped out at me immediately. I am currently rewatching all of The Office on Netflix, when I get a free moment, and I thought this show would be perfect for a trailer! So I also thought I would go through and give some tips on how I edited the different clips all together.


So once I knew the office was going to be the topic of my trailer. I took to YouTube to find some great moments that I could definitely use. I ended up searching “The Office Best Moments” and I found this video:

Now I admit, this wasn’t the best quality video to use, because of the numbers but I thought this would be great for the planning phase. I copied the video URL and pasted it into ClipConverter a handy website that allows you to convert YouTube videos and download them for personal use. I really like using this website because even though there are ads, its really straight forward in the process and it doesn’t take very long to convert the files. Here is what the website looks like.


So continuing with the planning phase, I went to iMovie with my new found footage in tow, and I was trying to figure out how I could make a trailer. I noticed that iMovie has these trailer templates that allow you to customize the trailer to your own footage. This is what some of the 29 different themes look like:


So After I picked the theme for the trailer, which is the adrenaline one in the top right corner, I took the main video, The Office Best Moments, and imported it into iMovie. Because I picked the trailer theme, most of the base work was already done, I just needed to change some of the text and add the footage to the filmstrip. I then started adding it to the the layout of the trailer. The trailer themes have three options to add the footage to the film strip: outline, storyboard, and shot list. The outline tab, is basically where you type in all of the credits that is needed for the trailer. The Storyboard tab is where you can add the footage to the filmstrip and where you can edit the text that will show up in the final product. Finally, the shot list tab gives you an array of shots that will be used within the filmstrip, you can also add the footage in this tab. Personally I found that the storyboard tab was the best to add the footage because I could see where the footage was going.

The cool thing about using the pre-made trailer layouts, is that you can click on the specific clip and then you can add straight to the storyboard, and it will automatically trim that clip to the duration that it needs. So basically all you need to do is decide what clip you want to use! You don’t have to worry about making sure the clip is the right duration to use within the trailer. (I hope that makes sense!) Here’s a picture to show what it might look like:


After adding all of the footage to the filmstrip, adding the credits, and changing some of the text, this is what the trailer looked like!


So this trailer is alright. There are some inconsistencies because of the giant numbers that show up in the bottom right corner. This was a huge mistake on my part because I realized the numbers were there after I went to export the file itself. So I decided to upload this anyway to show how I fixed the problem!

While the trailer was uploading, I started to fix it. I found that working with two different approaches was the best way to get my final product:

  1. Just simple cropping. This is pretty self explanatory because all I did was crop the shot so the numbers didn’t show up. I used this for most of the clips.
  2. For the second approach, I went to YouTube and found a different version for that specific clip. This worked better than cropping in some places because the shot would have been too tight for what was going on. I did this for the clip of Dwight, and his cousin Mose playing ping pong. This shot was an extremely wide shot and when I cropped it, only the ping pong table showed up.



After I cropped the trailer to fix it I went to finalize the project. But before I exported it to upload the video to YouTube, I had my roommate watch it. I had her do this because it was a fresh set of eyes on the project and she would be able to see things that I may have over looked during the editing process. After working with her for a little and changing some things around I was finished! Now all I needed to do was export and upload the file to YouTube. I would have uploaded the trailer straight to YouTube from iMovie but it kept stopping the upload half way through. So I exported the file itself then I added the file directly to YouTube. So here is the final product!

I hope you guys enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed making it!

What Inspiration Means to Me

Hi there! This week, after a tedious week of editing audio for our Radio News Show DTSW 76.5, the final product is premiering on ds106 radio!

While we are preparing for our group discussion on our process for creating the radio show, our task is to get inspired! And I think this is a great topic for this week. I always enjoy reading other people’s work within the course and I really think I’ll have a lot of fun this week. I am definitely feeling inspired, and I actually took that inspiration and created a little Instagram Inspiration Collage on my personal blog, on Sunday night.

So I thought I would take a little time and talk about what inspiration means to me. defines inspiration as “an inspiring or animating action or influence.” And I like to think that that influence becomes a good influence. And that influence/inspiration can come from anywhere! For me, it comes from God, my family, and friends, mainly, but I also try to get my inspiration from other things as well! Another place I go to when I want to feel inspired/get inspiration is YouTube. In our social media world today, so many people a creating content to show the world. And that’s awesome! Two YouTubers in particular are really great at motivating/ inspiring. Now both of these YouTubers post daily vlogs (video blogs). These basically give a glimpse into their day and how they live their day to day life. One is Shay Butler who creates daily videos of him and his family, and they have been doing so for 5 years. Shay just lives his daily life with so much love and compassion that it, spreads to every one he comes in contact with. You can even say it spreads to his viewers. His outlook on life really inspires me to keep on keeping on and even step out there to create new things. The other YouTuber is Ben Brown. Ben is a Brit, who has been bit by the travel bug. He also creates the daily vlogs but in addition, he has his own web series called Visual Vibes. Here he documents his different trips. These are so cool. Its interesting to see how he can capture the essence of the trip into one video. He, like Shay just live an upbeat life and it definitely spreads! 

So now I have different things that I like to keep around me that inspire me on a daily basis. I think one of the most important things is my phone. That thing never leaves my side. I literally take it everywhere with me. And I say my phone gives me inspiration because I can access all of the different things that give me inspiration, so I can watch videos, look at pictures, look through my social media. One of my favorite places to get inspiration on my phone is Instagram. I can spend hours browsing through different photos. And I can save anything that gives me inspiration. That’s what I love about my phone. Music also inspires me! Whenever I need to get things done, or I am brainstorming new ideas for something, either my iTunes library or Pandora Radio is my go to. The next thing is my bulletin board at my desk:

Now this may look familiar, if you’ve seen my What’s The Difference? post. This photo is by Shay Butler, he was getting ready to run a half marathon, and he took a picture of the start line. He writes, “Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.” And he’s right starting can be just as hard as finishing something. If you aren’t feeling motivated or inspired to do something you won’t want to do it.

View this post on Instagram

Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.

A post shared by Shay Butler (@shaycarl) on

Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.

So its just a matter of starting something. And that’s okay if it doesn’t work out, you can at least say you tried! Anyway, this is what inspiration means to me! And I’ll leave you with one last little GIF from the movie The Help! Just a little motivation for you! See ya later!

Breakfast Time!

Hey guys! This assignment, Sound Effects Story (3 1/2 stars), was actually really fun! I was able to play around with audacity more than I did the last audio week. We had to tell a story without using any vocals. At first I thought this was a challenge as I was brainstorming ideas I could do for this, but then I just asked myself, what do you do on a daily basis? And there first thing that popped into my head, was breakfast. I always make sure I eat breakfast before I start my day. If I don’t, my day will just be off for the rest of the day. So anyway, I thought why don’t I tell a story of someone getting bowl of cereal. As soon as I had my main concept, I broke down how someone would get a bowl of cereal. I thought it would be strange for someone to start eating the cereal right away so I felt like there needed to be some sort of introduction to the space, which is the kitchen. I have the woman walking (high heeled steps on the wooden floor) into the kitchen then flick the light on. She walks over to the counter where she grabs her bowl and spoon. She picks up a box of cereal and pours it in the bowl. She then walks to the fridge to get the milk, she pours the milk into the bowl, puts the milk back in the fridge. She then enjoys her bowl of cereal!

While I was making this I was trying to figure out how I could get all of the sounds to put it together. After googling a little, I found a good website where I could download different sound effects for free. This website is where I found most of my sound effects. After I found this website, I searched for different sounds and chose which one was the best for the one to use in the track. I downloaded the sounds and added them to the track in audacity. I cut and pasted the audio into the final product until the whole story was complete!

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy it!

Website Banner

For this assignment, I decided to make another one! I saw the one called the Website Logo but I thought the Website Banner would be fun too! I decided to create the assignment because I was looking to create a banner for my website and I thought I could get credit for it too! I had a lot of fun creating this as well. While brain storming for this banner, i happened upon this idea to use different photos that I have taken. I used photoshop to place all of these photos together. Then I put my website tag on the photo as well. So this is what my banner turned out to be like!

Website banner

I’m going to explain the different photos here. I’ll go from left to right/and top row to bottom row:

The first photo (Top left) I took on a whim. I was just getting out of class one night this season and the sunset was really pretty! It looked like the sun set the sky on fire. The next picture was one I took over the summer while I was on a family vacation in New Hampshire. My family goes to the same lake every year. On this particular day the lake looked like glass. The next photo I took while on my trip to London over winter break. This was outside of one of the shops we went to. The photo to the right of that is the London Eye. this was taken on the same trip. While we were walking across the bridge to get to the Eye, I saw how cool it was to see the street light in front of the London Eye. On the bottom row, to the very left, I took this picture while on a hike to a place called “Shock Rock.” It was a hike up to rock that are under some power lines. If you stood up and put your hand up you could shock some one who was sitting on the rock itself. The view was incredible. The next photo was taken while I was walking through the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It was a great spring day and this flower was so pretty. Next to that photo, is another photo from New Hampshire. This is the dock that extends into the lake. After that photo is another photo I took in the downtown part of Stowe, Vermont. There was a little patch of flowers like this one.

I really enjoyed making this assignment!

Here are the photos on flickr!

Favorite Lyrics

3 1/2 star finished! This assignment was a lot of fun! I was supposed to find my favorite lyric and add it to a photo. While scrolling through the assignment page, this caught my eye just like my story map did. As I started brainstorming what I wanted to do for this assignment, I realized that I didn’t have just one favorite song. I have a few favorite songs. So I set off to find the perfect pictures to go along with my 3 favorite songs. After I found the pictures I went to a photo editing website called PicMonkey. This site really helped when it came to adding the text to the picture. I used iPhoto to edit the pictures themselves and PicMonkey to add the text and the borders. Below are my findings!

Check it out on Flickr!
Check it out on Flickr!


This first lyric is from a song called The Ghosts That We Knew, by Mumford and Sons. This song is my all time favorite song. I just get a good vibe while listening to this song and the lyrics are very well written. I took this photo this weekend while I was on a retreat in Maryland. The views there were incredible! After I added the text to the picture in PicMonkey, I was playing around with the different borders and I came across one that made it look like a polaroid. I thought this really added a great touch to the picture.


Click to see it on Flickr!
Click to see it on Flickr!

I took this picture when I was on a vacation in Vermont over the summer. We were driving through mountains to the resort we were staying at during the week. I thought this picture would be perfect for my next song, Trouble. I chose the next song because this band, American Authors, is one of my favorite. They are a band from Brooklyn, New York. I was fortunate enough to see them in concert over the summer so that’s where I really began to like them. You can check out the video over here!

Here it is on Flickr!
Here it is on Flickr!

This final picture is from my mission trip to Nicaragua over the summer of 2013. We were at the beach over on the Pacific side of the country. There was a storm just holding off over the water. This picture was a product of that wonderful storm. I decided to use this picture for the next lyric, Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse. I decided to use this one because I felt like it wasn’t too rainy but there was still a hint of rain. Like that even though things seem bad, it will always get better. I like this lyric because its like there is someone with you on that bad time as well.

I really enjoyed making these photos and I really enjoyed taking those photos! I like to take pictures whenever I can because I feel like I can freeze a moment in time. I hope you guys enjoy these photos!