Finishing Up!

This is so bittersweet! My last post for wire106 and ds106 (hopefully not ds106)! This semester was so much fun and its all thanks to this class! Ds106 was my favorite class I’ve taken so far here at UMW and I’m really glad I decided to take it. I was on the fence over the summer and whether or not I should take it but I don’t regret that decision at all. I learned so much from this class and its helped me learn about what I potentially want to work with as a career. I can’t recommend this class enough!

This class was particularly special because it was an online class. Normally you would think an online class would just be you yourself and you. I think of an online class as sitting down in front of the computer for hours trying to understand the topic. That normally doesn’t work for me, I need hands on experience to learn a topic. I quickly found out that this class was anything but that! Between the weekly lunches, video discussions, and the group projects I quickly learned that this class was something special. I still had the face to face interaction that a traditional lecture class would have, but with no lecture! It was a great mix!

I think the assignments were the best part to the entire class, besides having to watch TV for homework. Although my stomach would drop at the beginning of the week when we all got the weekly emails with our quota for the week and I would be so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, I really enjoyed them! I would always dread sitting down to plan them, but once I did I knocked them out all in one go. The beginning of the semester was a little rocky but once the semester was in full swing I got the hang of things and now I don’t think I’ll ever forget the skills I learned in ds106.


So as I’m writing this I feel like this:

The semester is almost over! That’s so exciting! But I also feel like this:

I don’t want this class to end! I just want to keep creating things and watching TV for homework! But I do realize that all great things must come to an end. Ds106 was a great chapter in my great novel of my life! So with that being said I don’t think this would be a weekly summary without showing you what I did this week! Take a look! And if you want to see what else I’ve done this semester check out my past weekly summaries at the end of this post.


Beadie’s To-do List (4 Stars)

Move Away From the Cookie Jar (4 Stars)

Evolution of Beadie (4 1/2 Stars)


Assignment Cards:

Website Banner

Keeping Up With the Cast of the Wire



The Book of Life Silent Film



Daily Creates:

My Favorite Assignment



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Past Weekly Summaries:

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Move Away From the Cookie Jar

“Stop! Move away from the cookie jar!” Everytime some one opens me, I say this. Every. Single. Time. Its so ANNOYING! I wish there was something else I could say, Like “here have a cookie” or “today’s a good day for cookies and milk!” “Move away from the cookie jar” just sounds forbidding. Cookies shouldn’t be like that. They should be treats! Feeling guilty having a cookie is no fun. I know contrary to popular opinion, my favorite food is not a donut. I actually hate donuts. Cookies are my favorite! Some might say I could be a cookie monster!

There are so many kids of cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, S’mores, M&M, double chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, mint chocolate chip, Oreo’s, the list is endless! And cookies go great with really any drink! Water, milk, coffee, hot chocolate are all yummy with a cookie! Because I say “Stop! Move away from the cookie jar,” I don’t want to seem mean. And yes, unfortunately, you have to eat more nutritious things than cookies, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one anyway!I really say that so I can make my owner happy. For some reason it gives her a chuckle. But once you say that over and over and over again it gets old really quick. But I shouldn’t be the one to decide if you get a cookie or not, you should (or your parents) Cookies are the bomb! So enjoy a nice tall glass of cold milk and a nice warm gooey, chocolate chip cookie!


I really had a lot of fun writing this! I saw the cookie jar while I was editing my Evolution of Beadie assignment and I thought this would be a good assignment to make from Beadie’s view point! Enjoy!

Beadie's To-do List

Hi! So for one of the final assignments I decided to make a To-do list for Beatrice! This was worth 3 stars. I had  a lot of fun with this! It was really cool to actually sit down and think about what Beatrice might need to do during the week. So I got inspiration from Allison’s To-do list for her final project. So I first decided to use the Stickies app that comes with the Mac operating system.  I added the different stickies one at a time then changed the color from the default yellow to give the cluster some contrast. Then I went into Skitch (a screen capture application, similar to Grab) and caputred the stickie notes and uploaded it to Flickr. (Here is the original)

Then I went to plan what I need to write down in order for it to look realistic. I knew Beatrice would definitely be busy during the week between running the kids around after school and balancing her job. So I added the picture to trusty old PicMonkey and cropped it down so that it was a square. I did this so that I could upload it to Beatrice’s Instagram later. I used their text editor to add the text to the different sections. Once I was finished I uploaded it to Flickr straight from PicMonkey.

I included what she would pick up from the Grocery story in the yellow section. I included some dinner items as well as everyday items. Then I decided to include some of the upcoming appointments in the purple section that she and the kids might have in the next few weeks. In the blue section I put the things that she had to remember for that week in particular. Finally in the pink section I added things that the kids were doing this week.

Here is the final product! I had a lot of fun creating this assignment!

Beatrice's Dream Vacation

Hiya! For part of the final project, I decided to make a Pinterest for Beatrice. One of the web assignments was to make a pinterest board for her dream vacation. Now Beatrice works very hard so I decided to pick something that was still in the states for her, and DisneyWorld is a great option. So from there I just found some good tips and trick on what to pack while flying down to Orlando.

Luckily there is transportation provided to and from the Disney owned resorts, so I didn’t included a rental car. I picked Animal Kingdom Lodge for their hotel, partially because I’ve always wanted to stay there. Then I went through the 4 main parks in DisneyWorld; Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.

These are personally my favorite parks and I pictured Beatrice and her family going during the winter so the water parks are closed during this time. Then I picked some tips and tricks on how to navigate each park.

I really like planning a vacation using pinterest! It was fun to think like Beatrice and figure out where she might like to have travelled. And with her kids too. That was my main point was to plan something would be family friendly.  You can check the board out over here!

Follow Beatrice’s board Travel on Pinterest.

Honey Ham Hakiu

For another final project assignment, I decided to create a recipe haiku. While pinning the board for Beatrice’s dream vacation I came across this recipe for Honey Hame Biscuits. I thought this was perfect for a haiku. It’s an easy recipe with that beatrice could make on a weeknight, while helping her kids with homework and the nightly routine. I used PicMonkey again to add the text. I grabbed the picture that was used on the pin itself then I added the text. Here is the final product!


The Secret Life of Beatrice Russell

Hiya! For my final project I decided to use Beatrice Russell as my main focus. I created 4 social media sites for her: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I decided to use these social media sites because I thought she would want to focus on things outside of work. I thought Facebook and Instagram would be perfect for her to share what her kids are up to or what she does in her free time. I also thought Pinterest would be great for her to keep a lot of the things she does on a daily basis in order, like recipes for dinner. Twitter was just a random thing because I think she would enjoy tweeting and retweeting things.


So here is Beadie’s Bio!

“Hi I’m Beatrice Russell! I am a police officer for the port authority of Baltimore. I check the containers for their customs tags. I have a son and a daughter, who I love spending my free time with. I stumbled upon a huge crime scene and I helped take down a big corruption ring in the port. I really enjoyed working with McNulty and his group, it was a lot of fun working that case!”

Here is her profile picture:


Also if there was a site that allowed a cover photo here is the one I used:

Baltimore port

So feel free to add Beadie on any of her social media!