Video Production

While I was abroad in London, I took a video production class, where we examined different aspects of creating videos. Copperfield's Star: This video was a trailer for a "movie" that I created from scratch.   Commercial: This was a commercial for a product of our choosing. I chose Benefit's They're Real! Mascara, and decided to take on a tone of quick and easy.   Final Video: This was my final project for the class, I wanted to create a Vlog, or a video blog documenting a day in the life.  

Cooking up stories

This was a semester long project for Applied Digital Studies, I wanted to create a website where people could create their own profile and post their own recipes. Utilizing plugins like Beaver Builder, WPMUV Dev post types and views, and WP Symposium Pro. I wanted to make the site a close to a social media site as possible and I wanted it to look the same as it would on a computer except on a mobile device. I presented it at a Symposium at the end of the semester. I took a screencast to walk through the final product of the...Read More

Pixel Playground

In London, I took a class called Pixel Playground. This class was an art class focused in Photoshop, taking a hand drawn approach to digital art. Comic Book Cover Revamp: This first project I worked with a group to create a modern take on comic book covers of marvel heroes. I chose Ironman and this what I came up with.   Scenes of London: This next project my group and I decided to pick scenes of London that we enjoyed. Half of the group drew the pictures and other half "colored" in the images, and bring them to life. I...Read More

Evolution of Beadie

Hiya! So this assignment can count towards the final project, it doesn’t have to but I just thought this would be a fun thing to do! i Did the A Changing Character mashup assignment. Although this was really tedious, I had a lot of fun going through to find different beatrice moments to use. I first downloaded each episode that Beatrice appeared in, mainly in season 2 and a few episodes of season 3 and 4. She does appear in season 5 but I stuck with season 2, 3, and 4 because these were the ones we watched during the semester. So...Read More

Stringer’s Demise Swede

Hiya! So the Swede a Scene (5 stars) was by far my favorite assignment this semester! I really enjoyed it! With the help of my group members, Amy, David, Demi, and Carmela, we recreated Season 3 episode 11 of the Wire. Now SPOILER ALERT, this is where one of the main character, Stringer is murdered. So while we were in the planning phases, we met as a group to have a little brain storming session. Jim Groom, happened to walk in the ITCC when we were having our meeting so we brought him in to get his input. He talked about...Read More

Say it Like the Peanut Butter (GIF)

Hiya! So this week in the DKC is visual week! So for one of our assignments Say it Like the Peanut Butter, we were tasked with making an animated GIF! And I was really excited about this assignment! Making GIFs is one of my favorite thing to make. There are so many endless possibilities to topics of gifs. And I reallly mean it, you can create one for any topic, any movie, any tv show, any commercial! I have some other posts about GIFs over here in GIFs Mania and GIF! These posts are from previous class blogs that I've had to create...Read More