Finishing Up!

This is so bittersweet! My last post for wire106 and ds106 (hopefully not ds106)! This semester was so much fun and its all thanks to this class! Ds106 was my favorite class I’ve taken so far here at UMW and I’m really glad I decided to take it. I was on the fence over the summer and whether or not I should take it but I don’t regret that decision at all. I learned so much from this class and its helped me learn about what I potentially want to work with as a career. I can’t recommend this class enough!

This class was particularly special because it was an online class. Normally you would think an online class would just be you yourself and you. I think of an online class as sitting down in front of the computer for hours trying to understand the topic. That normally doesn’t work for me, I need hands on experience to learn a topic. I quickly found out that this class was anything but that! Between the weekly lunches, video discussions, and the group projects I quickly learned that this class was something special. I still had the face to face interaction that a traditional lecture class would have, but with no lecture! It was a great mix!

I think the assignments were the best part to the entire class, besides having to watch TV for homework. Although my stomach would drop at the beginning of the week when we all got the weekly emails with our quota for the week and I would be so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, I really enjoyed them! I would always dread sitting down to plan them, but once I did I knocked them out all in one go. The beginning of the semester was a little rocky but once the semester was in full swing I got the hang of things and now I don’t think I’ll ever forget the skills I learned in ds106.


So as I’m writing this I feel like this:

The semester is almost over! That’s so exciting! But I also feel like this:

I don’t want this class to end! I just want to keep creating things and watching TV for homework! But I do realize that all great things must come to an end. Ds106 was a great chapter in my great novel of my life! So with that being said I don’t think this would be a weekly summary without showing you what I did this week! Take a look! And if you want to see what else I’ve done this semester check out my past weekly summaries at the end of this post.


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Assignment Cards:

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Keeping Up With the Cast of the Wire



The Book of Life Silent Film



Daily Creates:

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Look, Listen, Analyze

Hiya! For the Look, Listen, Analyze, portion of our assignments this week I wanted to incorporate an opening scene. I wanted to do this because when I first watch an episode its usually from the beginning. So the opening scene would be perfect! I decided to use episode 10 from season 3:



So this scene is a really important one because this is the crime scene. I watched this scene with the sound off to get a good movement from the cameras. First the camera moves with the men rolling the gurney. Then it cuts to the body on the ground. After that it cuts back up, and a car rolls into the scene from the left side of the screen. Some dialogue is exchanged then it continues through the shot out of view.


So after I watched the scene without the audio, I went to watch it without the visuals. The scene opens up with sirens, and some background chatter from the people working on the crime scene.  Some one says “Mike where you at?” And Mike Responds: “Yeah over here.” Then someone says “Drug War?” More chatter happens, and when then someone says, “Man I don’t know where we at.” Then someone answers, “We are in the Baltimore, Lamar. Baltimore, Maryland.” Then you can hear the car roll out of the shot.


I picked this scene because I thought it was a good establishing scene for the episode. I like this because there is a lot of interesting sounds within the scene and there isn’t too much dialogue, it’s easy to follow. The camera movement is in sync with what is going on in the scene, it moves with the subjects. Overall I like this scene, because of all of the interesting things that are going on.

Fritz Lang's M Reflection

So this is the first 7 minutes to Fritz Lang’s M, and I have to say I was thoroughly confused throughout the entire scene until the very end. Since it was in German, I was confused because I couldn’t fully understand what the dialogue was. I took German in high school so I knew partially what they were saying.

The plot line was very interesting. I knew the outcome before it happened. I bet it was very surprising when this movie was released. I really liked how there wasn’t any music in the scene. It helps the viewer focus on the dialogue throughout the scene.

I noticed a lot more body language from each character. Because I didn’t know the main language I focused on the body language more because that was a good indication on what was going on in the plot. The end of the scene really picked up the pace because the mom became frantic when Elsie didn’t come home.

The last image of the scene is really powerful because all you see is her ball roll out of the bush, where her body is. You couldn’t see what was happening to her but you knew she was killed just from the ball rolling away.

Even though I was confused throughout the scene I was able to follow along from the body language of the characters and I could pick up what little German I remembered from high school. I did enjoy this scene!



Inspiration: Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style

My second inspiration is Brittany’s post Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style. And I have to say this is hilarious! I love the Chipmunk assignment! I love how she used this scene because it is a major one, and the chipmunk effect makes it a little lighter. It almost makes if ironic. The video is on her post, but here is the original!

Inspiration: Backwards Shootout

I am really enjoying the inspires! For my first inspire this week, I decided to choose Amy’s Backwards Shootout. I really like this! I like how she decided to use this particular scene because it was such a pivotal scene. Its an interesting spin as well because it is played in reverse, so its like a spoiler in itself. Here is the video!


Inspiration: All Me In Narnia

For my third inspiration I found Amy Wallace’s post called All Me in Narnia where she read a segment out of the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Amy did a great job with this. She did a wonderful job reading the passage from the book and it brought back a lot of memories to when I was a kid. I loved the book and even the movies. Amy picked a great passage from the books, its a great introductory seen, where some of the main characters are brought into the book.

Amy also did a great job with the reading, it was not too long and not too short. It was just enough to keep the listener engaged. Here is the recording!



Inspiration: DS106 Radio: Science Edition

For my second inspiration, I picked DS106 Radio: Science Edition. I chose Ien’s post as the basis for the inspiration but I the whole show was really my inspiration. I chose this radio show because it was really well put together. I definitely learned a lot! It was really cool to see how the different technologies intermingle within the Wire. The group really did a great job creating this radio show. They really made it seem like it was a talk show like radio. They didn’t seem awkward when they were talking about the technologies. Everything really flowed together. They also added some sound effects throughout and it linked everything together! Its really thought provoking!


Here’s the show:

Inspiration: Crazy Boats

For my first inspiration, I saw Nicky Memita’s post: Crazy Boats. This was back during the design week, where she animated a classic painting. I thought this was really cool! She animated The Scream by Edvard Munch. She took a small detail of the painting and she made into her own! She took the boat in the background and she edited to move back and forth. This was really great! Its really just enough to catch your attention but it doesn’t detract from the main focus of the painting.

She also mentions the problems she had while making the animation:

I was very mad at myself for forgetting that each frame only represents an eighth of a second of the animation. I realized this after exporting the GIF animation and playing it back. The boat is going crazy! If the boat had gone slower (duplicating each frame 8 times) the animation would look more believable. This was a lesson learned!

I think this makes it work! Because the boat is going crazy, it makes it seem like the screamer is freaking out because the boat is moving faster.


Here is a screen shot of the painting, but if you go to her post you.


Inspiration 1

What Inspiration Means to Me

Hi there! This week, after a tedious week of editing audio for our Radio News Show DTSW 76.5, the final product is premiering on ds106 radio!

While we are preparing for our group discussion on our process for creating the radio show, our task is to get inspired! And I think this is a great topic for this week. I always enjoy reading other people’s work within the course and I really think I’ll have a lot of fun this week. I am definitely feeling inspired, and I actually took that inspiration and created a little Instagram Inspiration Collage on my personal blog, on Sunday night.

So I thought I would take a little time and talk about what inspiration means to me. defines inspiration as “an inspiring or animating action or influence.” And I like to think that that influence becomes a good influence. And that influence/inspiration can come from anywhere! For me, it comes from God, my family, and friends, mainly, but I also try to get my inspiration from other things as well! Another place I go to when I want to feel inspired/get inspiration is YouTube. In our social media world today, so many people a creating content to show the world. And that’s awesome! Two YouTubers in particular are really great at motivating/ inspiring. Now both of these YouTubers post daily vlogs (video blogs). These basically give a glimpse into their day and how they live their day to day life. One is Shay Butler who creates daily videos of him and his family, and they have been doing so for 5 years. Shay just lives his daily life with so much love and compassion that it, spreads to every one he comes in contact with. You can even say it spreads to his viewers. His outlook on life really inspires me to keep on keeping on and even step out there to create new things. The other YouTuber is Ben Brown. Ben is a Brit, who has been bit by the travel bug. He also creates the daily vlogs but in addition, he has his own web series called Visual Vibes. Here he documents his different trips. These are so cool. Its interesting to see how he can capture the essence of the trip into one video. He, like Shay just live an upbeat life and it definitely spreads! 

So now I have different things that I like to keep around me that inspire me on a daily basis. I think one of the most important things is my phone. That thing never leaves my side. I literally take it everywhere with me. And I say my phone gives me inspiration because I can access all of the different things that give me inspiration, so I can watch videos, look at pictures, look through my social media. One of my favorite places to get inspiration on my phone is Instagram. I can spend hours browsing through different photos. And I can save anything that gives me inspiration. That’s what I love about my phone. Music also inspires me! Whenever I need to get things done, or I am brainstorming new ideas for something, either my iTunes library or Pandora Radio is my go to. The next thing is my bulletin board at my desk:

Now this may look familiar, if you’ve seen my What’s The Difference? post. This photo is by Shay Butler, he was getting ready to run a half marathon, and he took a picture of the start line. He writes, “Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.” And he’s right starting can be just as hard as finishing something. If you aren’t feeling motivated or inspired to do something you won’t want to do it.

View this post on Instagram

Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.

A post shared by Shay Butler (@shaycarl) on

Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.

So its just a matter of starting something. And that’s okay if it doesn’t work out, you can at least say you tried! Anyway, this is what inspiration means to me! And I’ll leave you with one last little GIF from the movie The Help! Just a little motivation for you! See ya later!

Radio Show Premiere!

Hey guys! So I just wanted to write this up quickly, but the radio shows are premiering! Tonight was the first night of three nights where our final radio shows will be shown on ds106radio! Tonight was The Science Behind the Wire! Carmela, Ien, Jeremy, and John created this show, where they discussed different technologies that were in the Wire. It was really cool to listen! I definitely learned a lot. Here’s the actual show! I’ll link the archive from the actual radio show when it goes up.

So as far as the live tweeting goes, I used an app called TweetDeck, which helped me look at different hashtags associated with the radio show and my class itself. This is what the app itself looks like:


To take the screen shots, I used an app called SkitchNote, which is sort of like Grab (if you’re a Apple user), but you can add arrows and different shapes to emphasize one part over another, and you can even blur out different parts that you don’t want to show. Now here is a feed of what other people in the class were tweeting while the broadcast was going on!







I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait to hear the other ones!