Crazy Things For Love

I found this ballad to be very interesting. Another different reading, compared to the types public executions we read about, it was also captivating. This is about a girl who fell in love with a town, then fell in love with a girl. They planned to get married but it was impossible. So Alice decided to disguise herself as a man. However, they got caught. At first their relationship, as friends, was just over looked by the eyes of the public. But after a while, people caught on to what was happening. Alice was cut off from Fred’s contact. Alice was so enraged that she killed Fred.

Its crazy to think about what people will do for love. They were going to make their relationship would work. But in the 1800s this type of relationship was looked down upon. Its interesting to see the changes of tolerance that society has since the late 1800s to now. We have come a long way but there is still a farther way to come.

I found this article from a Newspaper in San Francisco that talks about alice and when she was in the insane asylum. And quote “Alice is not capable of the strong and enduring love that is the glory of women.” So I think this proves that Alice is insane.