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First Live Tweeting Session

Well I feel like I can now officially be welcomed to the twitter sphere. Although I’ve had my account since 2009, I haven’t actually participated in a live tweet session. As one of our things to participate in this week, we were required to sit down and live tweet an episode of the Wire, either episode 4,5, or 6 from season 2. I live tweeted episode 5 called “Undertow,” which my professor Jim Groom, was able to stream over our class radio called ds106radio yesterday (9/18/2014). I really enjoyed live tweeting the episode, it gave me a chance to connect with other members of my class. Since this is an online class I thought I was going to go through the class not really meeting anyone from the class. But I definitely was wrong. Here are screen shots of my tweets, I am trying to figure out a way I can insert a feed straight to the post itself.




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Meredith Fierro


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