Fritz Lang's M Reflection

So this is the first 7 minutes to Fritz Lang’s M, and I have to say I was thoroughly confused throughout the entire scene until the very end. Since it was in German, I was confused because I couldn’t fully understand what the dialogue was. I took German in high school so I knew partially what they were saying.

The plot line was very interesting. I knew the outcome before it happened. I bet it was very surprising when this movie was released. I really liked how there wasn’t any music in the scene. It helps the viewer focus on the dialogue throughout the scene.

I noticed a lot more body language from each character. Because I didn’t know the main language I focused on the body language more because that was a good indication on what was going on in the plot. The end of the scene really picked up the pace because the mom became frantic when Elsie didn’t come home.

The last image of the scene is really powerful because all you see is her ball roll out of the bush, where her body is. You couldn’t see what was happening to her but you knew she was killed just from the ball rolling away.

Even though I was confused throughout the scene I was able to follow along from the body language of the characters and I could pick up what little German I remembered from high school. I did enjoy this scene!



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