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Further Thinking in "Coding, Serendipity, and Domain of One’s Own"

This article dives further into thinking about the Domain of One’s Own initiative:

  • the aim of the program is to provide students and faculty with their own domain names and open-source web hosting.
  • The name comes form Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own — giving women their own space in order to explore their own potential as a writer.
  • Kris says ” We need new kind of spaces in order to explore our potential as citizens of the increasingly digital world we live in
  • The domain name places the user in the space of the web.
  • Educators need to figure out how to prepare a generation of students to appreciate music and code. Fields like that are tightly woven together than we think. Domain of One’s Own tries to prepare those students.

Meredith Fierro

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