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So this week, we were assigned to make 6 gifs to summarize an episode from The Wire. I decided to make gifs from Episode 9 “Gameday.”


The episode starts off where Stringer and Barksdale are talking about Omar. They know he’s been starting his own little drug ring in their territory. But they also know that if they send someone for him, he’ll know before they even get to him. So they are stuck between a rock and a hard place in regards to Omar.

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After the title scene the shot goes to De’Angelo and Wallace talking. This is the first time we see Wallace’s need to get out of the drug circle. He wants to finish high school.I really like Wallace. He’s definitely a good kid who just got caught up in the wrong crowd.


Now this part of the episode is hysterical but it also has a sad connotation to it as well. Here Bubbles is swiping a stash. He almost gets away with it too. I find this part really funny because of his Macgyverlike skills to grab the bag. But once he gets caught, he runs away but unfortunately/ fortunately, another guy is “caught” leaving him to escape. Bubbles also just went to rehab to attempt to get clean. Clearly it doesn’t last very long.


After Bubble’s adventure getting his new stash, Kima and Lester attempt to get to one of Orlando’s girls, Shardene. They want her to become an informant within the case to help further the case along. As a way to sway her to their side they have her go identify a friend of hers from the club at the morgue. They aren’t getting much input from her quite yet but eventually she sides with the detectives.


Then the big game happens. It is the east side vs. the west side. Ellis and Herc are out patrolling. It seems too quiet, as they pull up to the basketball court they realize why its so quiet. The scene continues and Barksdale is banteringĀ back and forth with Proposition Joe. The west side coach offers Barksdale a deal. Barksdale accepts but little does he know that he will be hustled by Joe. As Ellis and Herc are watching the game they come across two of D’Angelo’s dealers. “We’re on break. Yeah well so are we.” I really love this quote because its like a game of basketball brought them together even though they are from completely different worlds.



Towards the end of the episode, Lt. Daniels pages Herc and Ellis because there was a serious mix up. Some how during a raid, two stacks of money were lost. Here this gif shows both of them tearing apart their car to find the money because the lieutenant gave them an ultimatum for them to come up with the money. “You have until roll call tomorrow morning to crawl back to whatever rock you hid it under.” I found this part very interesting because of the way the director set the scene up. First shows trash begin flung out of the trunk. Then you see an empty box of Dunkin Donuts hit the ground. You can also feel the panic set in on both Herc and Ellis. Then there is the release of tensions when Ellis finds the money in the wheel well of their patrol car.

I really liked this episode because it had a great sense of drama between the basketball game, the picking up of Shardene, the money bust done by Ellis and Herc and even the heartbreak to see what Wallace is going through.



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  1. Hey Meredith looks like we ran into the same problem with bringing our animations to life on the page. This is something I plan to zero in within this coming week. Love the look of your blog page it is inticing!

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