Gif Mainia

Today, with many thanks to Professor Groom, or better know as Reverend, who conducted a tutorial, I learned how to make gifs. A gif image is a loosely created image that is looped to create a small video. And at first I was really confused. Of course I knew what gifs were, thank you tumblr, but I had no idea how to make them. This was a totally new concept to me. However, I came up with some pretty cool ideas:



This gif is from the movie Frozen, that is coming out over Thanksgiving. I thought this would be a good gif to describe your life if you are getting into trouble, and you don’t know how to hide the evidence from someone, say your mother.



Now I like to say this gif describes someone who is having the best day ever. This comes from the movie Tangled, and the scene is when Rapunzel steps out of her tower for the first time ever.



Now if you are an Elf fan you of course know that this is the infamous SANTA scene. I just had to include this one since christmas is coming up.



And finally, Captain Jack Sparrow. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so I knew I had to create a gif at some point. But this gif describes your life if you realize you are late to something and you leave really quickly.

Over all though I had so much fun making these gifs and it actually is easier than I thought it was going to be! Watch out I might be making way more now.