Good Innovations within "Beyond Disruption: Higher Ed Innovation from Within"

After reading through Beyond Disruption: Higher Ed Innovation from Within again, I noticed a lot of things that went along with . Here are some of the main points of the article:

  • Leslie Madsen-Brooks wanted to focus on the good innovations of the classroom, like projects that rely on open-source softwares and focus on individual and collective empowerment. There is evidence of student learning is on the web.
  • Domain of One’s Own encourages students to “reclaim the web” by “taking control of your digital identity” and keeping it “in a central place that you own and control.”
  • Domain of One’s Own exemplifies some of the best innovations, it “develops communities of learners, fostering collaboration, encouraging writing and reflection, and developing curiosity about the world.”
  • Programs can go a long way using inexpensive but high-quality, open-source tools Like Domain of One’s Own does

Brooks also listed some behaviors that show up in successful:

  • Investing time and effort
  • Interacting with faculty and peers about substantive matters
  • Experiencing diversity
  • Responding to more frequent feedback
  • Reflecting and integrating learning
  • Discovering relevance of learning through real-world application


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