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This one was fun to film! I was creating these GIFs at work and Amy just so happened to be on while I was there. I had her help me with this GIF by writing out the words. I set the tripod up so it was over her shoulder. So I filmed her writing out each word then I had her place her hand where it was in the final product. Then I imported the footage into photoshop where I began masking. This first GIF shows what it looked like as a rough cut.

I got stuck here and could figure how to mask out all of the words while still keeping the background the same. Another tutor, Brian was working and he showed me how to create another layer to match the paper background. So I had the background set! Then I went through and continued to mask the words out. I got stuck again where I couldn’t figure out how to get the back ground to show up on all of the frames. After googling for about a half an hour I figured out that I needed to make sure the background was visible in each layer. It turned out to be so simple that I was really confused when I figured it out. But it worked! All in all it took me about 4 hours to complete this GIF with the background recreation, masking, and geting stuck with the transparency issue.

Accumulated time: 11 hours

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