Keeping Up With The Cast of The Wire

Hi there! Since this week is Design, I thought I would go ahead and make my own assignment. I was looking through other assignments and saw one called Where are They Now? This assignment takes the cast of the Wire and looks to see what other works they did before/after their time on the Wire. The other assignment I mixed it with was through and infographic. Infographics are great for keeping all the information in one place! So with that said, I really enjoyed making this assignment. It was really cool to see where the actors/actresses ended up throughout their career. I am going to go through each character and explain in a little more detail about what other works each actor worked on. While doing research for this assignment, I really relied on IMDB and Google Images. IMDB was especially useful because I could get all of the information in just a few clicks.

I chose these actors because they had a great role in Season 2 Episode 9. Chris, aka Frank, wasn’t shown too much in the Episode but he was referenced a lot.

Dominic West: Dominic, a British actor, plays Jimmy McNulty on The Wire. After The Wire he was Sab Than in John Carter (2102). He was in a BBC show called The Hour (2012), where he played Hector Madden. He will be Noah in another HBO show called The Affair, which will premiere later this month.

Chris Bauer: Chris played Frank Sobotka in The Wire. Before The Wire however, he played George Higgins, or better know as Machine, in the movie 8mm (1999). After The Wire, he played the character of Jared Bankowski, in the tv show, The Divide (2014). Bauer may be well know for his role in the HBO series of True Blood (2008-). He played Andy Bellefleur, who funny enough is a cop.

Amy Ryan: Amy portrayed the character of Beatrice Russell in The Wire. After her role was finished, she played the role of Holly Flax in The Office. Holly was Michael Scott’s girlfriend throughout season 4 of the show and appeared throughout the show from 2008-2011. Personally, I was really excited when I found out that she was on The Office as well. After The Office, she was Dr. Adele Brouse in the show In Treatment (2010). She was recently, Abigal in the movie Escape Plan (2013).

Pablo Schrieber: Pablo was Nick Sobotka, Frank’s nephew. Pablo was in the TV series, Weeds (2011-2012). He played Demetri Ravitch. After Weeds, he was in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, where he played William Lewis, a character that was mainly in season 15. SVU is one of my favorite shows and it was cool too see how he portrayed the characters very differently. After he was on SVU he is most recently on the Netflix series Orange is The New Black. He played George Mendez.

Idris Elba: Idris is another British actor on The Wire. He played Russell “Stringer” Bell in The Wire. Elba was also in The Office, like Ryan. He was  Charles Miner, who was a character throughout season 5 (2009).  Idris and Amy were briefly a part of The Office at the same time. After The Office, Elba was Heimdall in both Thor movies (2011 and 2013). And in-between Thor, he was in Pacific Rim, as Stacker Penetcost (2013).

Well that’s all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing where the cast of The Wire ended up!

Check it out on Flickr!
Check it out on Flickr!


Here are the photos I used in the infograph!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Cast of The Wire

  1. This is a really Great Inforgraph! I like how you mashed two assignments up to design your own. For the first assignment that I made up I actually got the idea from another assignment as well. I do like the “Where are they now Aspect” as well.

  2. This is a great infograph and the layout looks awesome. I like how you wrote up a summary with it to explain.

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