Matt Siber

I really enjoyed looking into Matt Siber. It was interesting to look at his different works as well. He incorporates so many different mediums in his art work as well as different public locations in a different way. I like how visual each part of his work is and he documents them very well. And not only does he use digital mediums for his work but also tons of other mediums. He also appropriates advertisements and physical mediums into his art. One way he incorporated a public space in a new way is through his work “Store Front.”

This work was comprised of two views of a street in China, on a tv monitor. I think this one is really interesting because it was housed on a street in Chicago but it was showing a street in China.

The second piece of art I really enjoyed was the Barcelona Triptych.

This is so interesting to me because he appropriated an ordinary street item and created a work of art out of it.

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