Not So Good Week 2

So this week wasn’t too great, as far as Wire106 is concerned. I really fell behind on my work. I have no excuse for why I fell behind but all I can say is that I am definitely learning from this mistake and I will try my hardest to get my stuff together throughout the next week.

Since that’s out of the way, lets talk about what I did do this week. I really had a fun time creating the GIFs summarizing an episode from Season 1. I decided to summarize episode 9 called “Gameday.” In this episode, two sides to the projects, the east and the west, come together to have a little competition basketball specifically. I picked this episode not only for the basketball but because McNulty’s case starts to pick up speed a little bit. Kima and Lester pick up Shardene, one of Orlando’s dancers, to try to sway her to their side, to get an in into Barksdale’s ring. We also get a look into Wallace’s life. He and Dee have a conversation and Wallace wants to talk about how he just wants to get out of the drug ring. He wants to finish high school. We also see into the struggle that Bubbles is facing. He is trying to get clean, but it doesn’t last very long. Paul Bond has a great post about Bubbles, summarizing his role in the department, he also ties it into the theme of the week and he creates GIFs with his interactions throughout season 1.

We were also assigned 4 daily creates for the week. And with my procrastination, I only did 2 of them… Yes I fail miserably with the daily creates. The premise for the Daily Creates, is simple, there is a prompt for an assignment and all you have to do is complete the assignment by midnight of that day. They change out everyday and you have a new assignment the next day. On September 2, we were supposed to design our own logo that incorporated our own name then upload it to flickr. I incorporated my name into a sailboat. I decided to use a sailboat because I spend most of my summer around the water, whether it be by the pool, or at the beach and occasionally on a boat.

Name Logo

Now I’m not the greatest a drawing but I tried my best. And I really had some fun with it. The next daily create I completed was the one for yesterday’s daily create. It was a technology confession. You can read my submission over here. I hate to admit it but I am a pretty careless person when it comes to my phone. I always manage to drop my phone and end up shattering the screen. I had a lot of fun writing this one and even reading some other ones! Some of them were pretty hilarious.

Well that’s all for now!


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