Redone Epigraph

Hi there! This assignment was a lot of fun! At the beginning of each episode in the wire, there is a quote that one of the character’s says during the episode. I took a quote from season 2 episode 9, from Rawls to create the new epigraph. The assignment was supposed to relate it to ds106 in some sort of way, and I thought this quote would be great for this assignment. Here is the original epigraph from the episode:The greek epigraph

So this is the second one! I decided to use Rawl’s quote because I think this fits perfectly for our course. If you look back at when The Wire was made (2003), ds106 hadn’t started yet. Its pretty cool to see how much development the course has made since then. This course wasn’t even an idea yet. And Rawl’s quote really fits the idea of a new world. So much of our lives are based online. Its interesting to see how much things have changed as far as technology since The Wire came out.

Here it is on Flickr!
Here it is on Flickr!

I created this second epigraph in photoshop. I first opened the original epigraph in photoshop. I then blacked out the text. After that I added Rawl’s quotes to the picture itself. I felt the default text wasn’t too Wire enough for the epigraph so I found another text that looked like a typewriter. I felt like this was a lot like the original text. As I’m getting used to the different tools of photoshop this actually became pretty easy! I really enjoyed making this!

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