Short Stories

I loved how there were different stories of the homicides going on. Each one came from newspapers. I thought Senor Felipe Carillo was insane, he poisoned his mother when she was over 100? Why would he do that!? She was already living a wonderful life. However, he ended up committing suicide because he missed her immensely. And Mr. Johnson killed a woman when he was extremely tired and he didn’t even remember it! Insanity is a true theme throughout this reading.

I found it fascinating that Nathaniel loved the book so much that he damaged the binding. It is kind of like our class where we joined it because we, in some sense, have a fascination with crime. It was interesting to see the reference to Strang and Mrs. Whipple.

I didn’t know Lincoln was a lawyer. So this was a new read for me. The fact that he was a lawyer puts another dimension to his life. Fisher, disappeared, which I thought was odd. Archibald confessed that both he and his brother murder him. Then they got rid of the body, by throwing him in the pond. However, this was completely fake because they found Fisher at his house later that week, and showed signs of attack. This was crazy, the brothers are insane!