Song Mashup

Hi there! This assignment was the Music Mashup (3 1/2 stars), where I took two completely separate songs and put them together. I decided to take Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Imagine Dragons’ It’s time and put them together. I took the vocals to Rolling in the Deep and the instrumental to It’s Time.  And I have to say I had fun with the process but I also think it was a complete fail. I just couldn’t get them to line up so that it sounded decent. I first used the songs beause the both had the same tempo of 105 beats per minute (bpm). I discovered this because this website, the Music Database has a list of all songs and you can find which ones have the same bpm. Bothe the songs were in that same field. So I decided to put those together and see how it came out. For the most part the song sounds fine together but at some point they just don’t match up very well. It just seems like its too much. So overall this just didn’t work out.

Although it didn’t really work out I did learn a lot about audacity! While putting the songs together I experimented with the volume of the separate tracks. I played around with each one until I felt like there was a good balance with the two of them. I also trimmed the beginning to each song so they would start at the same time. I also used a fade in and a fade out so it wouldn’t just end abruptly. Before I decided which songs I was going to use I also experimented with the different pace, tempos, pitch, speed. I am still working with those to see if there is a better way to match up the songs.

Anyway, I hope this isn’t too bad and it doesn’t hurt the ears too much! Enjoy!



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