Soundtracks Aren't Always Playing

I just listened to the Jennifer Ralston interview, and I have to say that was pretty cool. Its interesting to see the audio side to the episodes. I’ve only looked at it from a visual perspective. I’m such a visual person that I normally don’t think about the thought that goes into audio editing for production. I love how this was pulled into the audio week. It could have been brought out in some other week, but I really think that was the point. Anyway, its interesting to see what the crew had going on in their head while they were working on the show. Jennifer definitely had some great opinions.

She first mentions when she was on set. She was there for Wallace’s last day filming, that must have been an emotional day. She also talks about the different uses of microphones while recording the audio. There were two types she mentioned. The smaller microphone that was attached to the actors and the boom mic so they could make sure that the sound didn’t sound too different one way or another.

The first scene they talked about was when McNulty loses his kids in the market. She mentions how the sound played a key role in this scene because if they added music/background noise, the scene would have been too quiet. She talks about McNulty feeling this sort of panic because he lost his kids but they, but how we hear In The Jungle playing on the radio. She says something along the lines like soundtrack aren’t always playing what you want it to play. I love this! Its really true because in real life music doesn’t automatically sync up with your life at that moment.

The next scene is one where Kima is shot. I really like how she addresses that she doesn’t imagine that scene done in any other way. They really did a great job with the audio in this scene because even though she doesn’t say that it was created to be shown both ways, visual and audio, how it turned out it could go both ways.

She also mentions how as they were going through and placing different sounds within the episodes they thought about how much of a distraction it would have been. Like the baby crying and the dogs barking bring an ominous feeling to the scene. She says that a baby crying late at night symbolized a bad neighborhood, and the dog barking means that someone was trespassing.

I really enjoyed listening to this interview! It definitely helps me look at the other episodes in a different way.

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  1. I listen to the interview as well it thought it was pretty cool that Groom and Bond got her to speak for us. That this is a online course and they did a interview online was pretty cool too. And that she worked on the set of The Wire was even cooler. I leaned alot by listening to this interview that I didn’t know about Audio like for example she said that she is not on set alot and I would think she would HAVE to be, but she explained how she wasn’t.

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