Starting Out

Hi there! So just to start off really quickly, I’m Meredith, a senior, and I’ve decided to take this course as a way for develop more skills for photoshop and even digital creation that is. I have always enjoyed creating things digitally and want to continue creating as much as possible.

So with that being said I think digital art is really anything you want to create whether it just be a gif or even a photograph you took. Digital work is so flexible that you can display it online and even in print. So I think for me digital art can be anything you want to create.

I think there is no limiting factor in digital art as opposed to other means of visual expression. For example, if you were to paint on a canvas board, you are limited to the measurements of the board itself, you are limited to the amount of paint you have. But on a digital space, you aren’t limited. You can take up as much space as you want. There is no limit to programs you can use to create anything you want. The only limitations you might have is the expense of equipment, devices, and software. On the other hand, there are advantages to working on a digital platform. Besides no size limitations, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

As far as my personal aesthetic here are a few things I like:

I picked this gif because I want to learn how to create cinemagraphs during the class itself. I also really like this GIF because it looks like a just a photo and there is not just one part moving.

I really like this GIF because of the colors. I always like bright colors an do think these colors work well together. I also like this one too because it adds a different element to something that seems like an everyday thing.

I decided to include this video too because I love the style of how it was created. It’s a point of view “vlog” or video blog of Ben Brown’s and his friend Steve Booker’s trip to Canada. I just love how Ben incorporates the sounds in the world around him into the soundtrack. He doesn’t just mask the entire video with music.

And finally I really like this image not only for the colors but also how it was created. The artist took a map of London England and created a wonderful collage of colors among the streets. The artist found a way to recreate something that was already made. And they added their own spin on it as well. And I really like that style, I like finding a way to appropriate a piece of work and turning it into something completely different.


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