Summary 1: Cloud Computing Efficiency

In the article Cloud Computing Efficiency, by Linda Bowers, explains how cloud computing is moving towards the one of the biggest new things in technology. Now what is cloud computing? It is a massive interconnected network that links devices. For example, I can send a document into the cloud from my computer, then I can access it from my iPhone or my iPad where ever I am connected to a wireless service or Wi-Fi. Bowers explains it a little better but she says, “It is an environment in which software does not reside on desktops, but rather resides on a web based server with shared virtualized resources.” This type of sharing and software is becoming more and more popular today. Bowers continues to explain cloud computing and how it will change the way we do business, or in life sciences. She then addresses the issue of security over the cloud. Although there is no real security put in place yet to protect the cloud, there are increasing methods to security. This article is a very good source for information about cloud computing. Bowers gives further resources at the end of the article and she provides good information her self. She is good a providing examples of how cloud computing would effect different aspects of the world, not just through the internet perspective but in life sciences and in the business world.

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