Summary 2: 3D Printing Disrupts Manufacturing

The article 3D Printing Disrupts Manufacturing, by Irene Petrick, explains how three dimensional printing will disrupt manufacturing. She says “Today we are entering an era many believe will be as disruptive to the manufacturing sector as the Industrial Revolution was–the age of 3D printing.” And in some ways I agree with her. 3D printing is a way to produce something, layer by layer. An object is designed on the computer then is sent to the machine. A lazer then solidifies material to create that designed object until it is fully complete. Petrick, explains how when it is used for production rather than the traditional methods used, the role used to produce an object becomes blurred. For example, let’s say that cars can be 3D printed. There is no worker who puts the tires on the car, there is no worker to install the steering wheel. There is only the designer who then sends the file of the digital design to the machine. Petrick gives a list of things that can provide the way that this becomes a bad thing. Jobs are cut out because there is only one person needed to design a product. The time for production will become almost instant. She explains that the planning for a product will drop to an immediate thing. She also explains how there will be a problem with designers, who are looking for simple designs and costumers who want complex designs. Petrick wrote a convincing article about 3D printing. She is a professor for Penn State University. She also references other works in her article as well, not only as citations but as further reading.

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