Summary 4: Feel the force; Technology and the future

In the article Feel the force; Technology and the future, The author, of the Economist explains Evgeny Morozov view point on Silicon Valley. Now he takes a big view point saying that the internet “is the perfect tool for repressive states to control their citizens.” The author also brings in the view point of Jaron Lanier, who blames the architecture of the web for the way people willingly give out their information. The author then goes on to talk about the future of the internet, like driverless cars. He also goes to explain how the internet is used as a tool of protest, and even for warfare. He explains how they are increasing as time goes on, and American and China are the main part in internet warfare. Attacks have increased over the last couple of years. Maybe this will become a new force in the world? This article is good because the author uses current issues and he uses that to make educated predictions on what will be the future of the internet.

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