Summary 6: Network protocols

In the article Network Protocols, Brad Gilmer basically gives a run down on network protocols. These are critical in running some computer networks throughout the internet. He explains some of those like ethernet, IP, User Data protocol, and the Real Time Transport protocol. Ethernet is a way to connect to the internet but it is also a protocol. IP is responsible for transporting the data from one device to another. The User data protocol is used to send data from one application that is up and running on a computer to that same application up and running on another computer. I couldn’t help but think about Apple’s Air Drop feature on the iPhones and Macs. The Real Time Transport protocol is just like the name says, it transfers data in real time. Gilmer explains each protocol very well and they are easy to understand. I think this article is very important because, it will continue to be current throughout the present and maybe even into the future. It is an important tool in understanding the internet and how it works.

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