A Boat Ride With Myself

This project was a lot of fun! I was home over fall break and I decided to go ahead and take photos while I was on out boat one day. It was hilarious trying to get the right angles for the photos. I ended up having to redo the whole thing the next day. But I got it to work luckily, and I’m really happy with how this turned out!

Waves of Distraction

Representational: Distraction For this one I wanted to show the distraction I have when I try to sit down and read. No matter what I do, 5 or 10 minutes into the book, I will start listening to music, go on my phone, or someone will call me. I can never solidly read very often. So take a look! Nonrepresentational: Waves For this one, I found a picture frame my sister gave me with a plastic block that looks like a prism.  I wanted to play around with light refraction but wanted to incorporate more items in the final image...Read More