Reflecting on Cooking Up Stories

After working on Cooking Up Stories for pretty much everyday of the semester, I have to say its a little weird to not work on it. I've enjoyed the process of creating and building out the site so much this past semester. I definitely learned a from the beginning of the semester to now. So in this post I will look into where I was at the beginning of the semester and where I ended up at the end.  Generally, my main idea, creating a website that allows users to create and share their own recipes, was consistent throughout the entire...Read More

Getting Ready For The Presentation

So its here! The end of the semester is looming. And its approaching very quickly. Its crazy to think how fast this semester has gone by, to be honest my mind is still in week 2 and I think I have a long 14 weeks ahead of me. But in reality I really have 5 more days of my semester! That's insane! Anyway, I'm wrapping up my project for the presentation tomorrow. The presentation isn't a formal one, but its a poster session. That basically means everyone in the class has a table where they will set up shop to...Read More

Development Complete!

Hiya! So heres another update on my project for Applied Digital Studies. I've mostly completed the development for the site and now I'm moving into my promotion phase. Major changes have happened! And all good ones. First of all the front page has made a major changes: With the help of Beaver Builder and their awesome layouts, I was able to create a pretty great homepage. The original layout was just the form to submit a recipe. That layout wasn't very user friendly, and that was my main goal while creating this site. The new layout helps with that so much....Read More