Experimenting with Timeline JS

Hiya! Its the start of the new semester! Since its the first week back at school I decided to play around with Timeline JS to get a little refresher. I'd never really worked with Timeline before but I got the hang of it really quickly! Over the break I watched the flim The Imitation Game and I loved it The movie works through Allan Turing's involvement in breaking the Enigma code that the Germans developed during the second world war. Turing's work was really pivotal in the world of computer science. After watching the movie I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard of...Read More

Say it Like the Peanut Butter

Hiya! So this week in the DKC is visual week! So for one of our assignments Say it Like the Peanut Butter, we were tasked with making an animated GIF! And I was really excited about this assignment! Making GIFs is one of my favorite thing to make. There are so many endless possibilities to topics of gifs. And I reallly mean it, you can create one for any topic, any movie, any tv show, any commercial! I have some other posts about GIFs over here in GIFs Mania and GIF! These posts are from previous class blogs that I've had to create...Read More

TV Trailer

Hi! So my first assignment, Trailer It (3 stars) was a lot of fun to make! I was deciding what I would make throughout the week and this one jumped out at me immediately. I am currently rewatching all of The Office on Netflix, when I get a free moment, and I thought this show would be perfect for a trailer! So I also thought I would go through and give some tips on how I edited the different clips all together. Planning: So once I knew the office was going to be the topic of my trailer. I took to...Read More

Return to The Silent Era

Hi there! This week in the DKC (Digital Knowledge Center) We focused on video editing. So as part of our training we get to work with different assignments in the ds106 assignment bank. So I decided to Return to the Silent Era! In this assignment I was to take a trailer and render it so that it would look like it came from the silent film era. Meaning, I added a black and white filter, and took all of the audio out, replacing it with a silent film soundtrack. I also added different slides to add dialogue like a silent film...Read More

Song Mashup

Hi there! This assignment was the Music Mashup (3 1/2 stars), where I took two completely separate songs and put them together. I decided to take Adele's Rolling in the Deep and Imagine Dragons' It's time and put them together. I took the vocals to Rolling in the Deep and the instrumental to It's Time.  And I have to say I had fun with the process but I also think it was a complete fail. I just couldn't get them to line up so that it sounded decent. I first used the songs beause the both had the same tempo...Read More

Aladdin Soundtrack Mashup

Hiya! This assignment, Movie as Radio (3 1/2 stars), was a lot of fun! We were supposed to take a soundtrack to a movie and combine all of the tracks to create a 10 minute or less. I thought this assignment would be so fun if I did a Disney movie. I grew up as a Disney kid and I knew that I could do my favorite movie. So I decided to mashup the Aladdin soundtrack. I love this movie, and I thought it would be perfect.  There is a good mix of vocals and instrumentals to the soundtrack. So what...Read More