Honey Ham Hakiu

For another final project assignment, I decided to create a recipe haiku. While pinning the board for Beatrice's dream vacation I came across this recipe for Honey Hame Biscuits. I thought this was perfect for a haiku. It's an easy recipe with that beatrice could make on a weeknight, while helping her kids with homework and the nightly routine. I used PicMonkey again to add the text. I grabbed the picture that was used on the pin itself then I added the text. Here is the final product!  

Videos Galore!

Hi! So these weeks were a lot of fun! Although this week was really cold, I found that editing was the perfect thing to keep the time from passing slowly! This is how I feel since the temperature dropped! I really like video editing so I loved that we had to create the Swede! That was by far my favorite episode. Also this week I loved looking back on other people's work and see what they created this week! As I'm writing this I'm at home in Virginia Beach, sitting in a local coffee shop and I'm trying not to...Read More

The Secret Life of Beatrice Russell

Hiya! For my final project I decided to use Beatrice Russell as my main focus. I created 4 social media sites for her: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I decided to use these social media sites because I thought she would want to focus on things outside of work. I thought Facebook and Instagram would be perfect for her to share what her kids are up to or what she does in her free time. I also thought Pinterest would be great for her to keep a lot of the things she does on a daily basis in order, like...Read More

Video Essay

Hiya! The Video Essay (5 stars) was an interesting assignment. Instead of using what ever film or TV show we wanted, we were tasked with using the Wire. I decided to use season 4 episode 1 for this. And at first I was really excited to do this assignment and I saw some great themes throughout the episode but when I got ready to create the voice over, I just couldn't get what I wanted to say out. They were good themes throughout the episode but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to say, fortunately I was able to...Read More

Lion King in 5 Seconds

Hiya! The 5-Second Film (5 stars) was a lot of fun! It was tough though to get all of the footage in in 5-seconds. I wanted to add maybe a good 20 seconds of footage but I had to scale back. So I settled on 0.5 seconds clips for the whole time. When deciding what to use I tried to stick with most of the plot. So I went to YouTube and searched for the best moments in the Lion King and I literally took the first 3 videos that were in the search results I converted them into ClipConverter, then imported...Read More

Carcetti Hates Calling for Money

That Bleep Censor (5 stars) was actually a lot of fun to make! I was watching Season 4 Episode 1 in preparation for my Video Essay, and I thought this scene was another great one to bleep out! The best one would be where Bunk and McNulty we recreating the murder scene in season 1. Amy did a great job bleeping out that scene! So when I watched the scene for the first time I knew that this would be a good scene to bleep out. I had the episode downloaded from MediaCore and imported it into iMovie. Then I went...Read More

Video Week!

Happy Novemeber! Hope you all had a great Halloween! Its feels like fall outside and its wonderful! I really enjoyed this week! I love working with video and it was a treat to edit the videos together. So here's what I did this week: Comments: Maggie's post If Samuel L. Jackson Were A Chipmunk Brittany's post Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style Syd's post Simplicity at It's Finest Lauren's post Trailer Mashup Dishonored Creed Jess's post Omar Little Pumped Up Kicks (Contains Wire Spoilers) Maggie's post Inspired by Meredith Amy's post Backwards Shootout   Assignments: The Book of Life Silent...Read More

Look, Listen, Analyze

Hiya! For the Look, Listen, Analyze, portion of our assignments this week I wanted to incorporate an opening scene. I wanted to do this because when I first watch an episode its usually from the beginning. So the opening scene would be perfect! I decided to use episode 10 from season 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbNnsvIFF38&feature=youtu.be   Look: So this scene is a really important one because this is the crime scene. I watched this scene with the sound off to get a good movement from the cameras. First the camera moves with the men rolling the gurney. Then it cuts to the...Read More

Fritz Lang's M Reflection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNUQINczgt0 So this is the first 7 minutes to Fritz Lang's M, and I have to say I was thoroughly confused throughout the entire scene until the very end. Since it was in German, I was confused because I couldn't fully understand what the dialogue was. I took German in high school so I knew partially what they were saying. The plot line was very interesting. I knew the outcome before it happened. I bet it was very surprising when this movie was released. I really liked how there wasn't any music in the scene. It helps the viewer focus on the...Read More

Chipmunk Style

So for the assignment Chipmunk Style (2 1/2 Stars), I decided to use the Paper Bag speech from season 3 episode 2 of the Wire. I decided to use this scene because it was a serious part of the season and I thought this would be an interesting take on this part! I saw Brittany's post Stringer and Avon Fighting Chipmunk Style and I knew I had to do this assignment! I found the clip on YouTube and used the handy dandy ClipConverter to grab the file. Here is the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YrWiwUM3FA I imported the file into iMovie. iMovie has a...Read More