Inspiration: Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style

My second inspiration is Brittany's post Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style. And I have to say this is hilarious! I love the Chipmunk assignment! I love how she used this scene because it is a major one, and the chipmunk effect makes it a little lighter. It almost makes if ironic. The video is on her post, but here is the original!

Inspiration: Backwards Shootout

I am really enjoying the inspires! For my first inspire this week, I decided to choose Amy's Backwards Shootout. I really like this! I like how she decided to use this particular scene because it was such a pivotal scene. Its an interesting spin as well because it is played in reverse, so its like a spoiler in itself. Here is the video!  

Inspiration Week!

Hiya! Another week down! This week was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed looking through the class feed and see all of the awesome things we are all making! I was really excited to find out that this week was inspiration week because I enjoy looking at other people's work. Here are my inspirations! Inspiration: All Me In Narnia Inspiration: DS106 Radio: Science Edition Inspiration: Crazy Boats   Comments! Amy's post All Me In Narnia Ien's post DS106 Radio: Science edition Nicky's post Crazy Boats Brittany's post My Light Painting Lauren's post The Wire is All Straight Lines Amy's post...Read More

Inspiration: All Me In Narnia

For my third inspiration I found Amy Wallace's post called All Me in Narnia where she read a segment out of the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Amy did a great job with this. She did a wonderful job reading the passage from the book and it brought back a lot of memories to when I was a kid. I loved the book and even the movies. Amy picked a great passage from the books, its a great introductory seen, where some of the main characters are brought into the book. Amy also did a great job...Read More

Inspiration: DS106 Radio: Science Edition

For my second inspiration, I picked DS106 Radio: Science Edition. I chose Ien's post as the basis for the inspiration but I the whole show was really my inspiration. I chose this radio show because it was really well put together. I definitely learned a lot! It was really cool to see how the different technologies intermingle within the Wire. The group really did a great job creating this radio show. They really made it seem like it was a talk show like radio. They didn't seem awkward when they were talking about the technologies. Everything really flowed together. They also added...Read More

Inspiration: Crazy Boats

For my first inspiration, I saw Nicky Memita's post: Crazy Boats. This was back during the design week, where she animated a classic painting. I thought this was really cool! She animated The Scream by Edvard Munch. She took a small detail of the painting and she made into her own! She took the boat in the background and she edited to move back and forth. This was really great! Its really just enough to catch your attention but it doesn't detract from the main focus of the painting. She also mentions the problems she had while making the animation: Problems...Read More

What Inspiration Means to Me

Hi there! This week, after a tedious week of editing audio for our Radio News Show DTSW 76.5, the final product is premiering on ds106 radio! While we are preparing for our group discussion on our process for creating the radio show, our task is to get inspired! And I think this is a great topic for this week. I always enjoy reading other people's work within the course and I really think I'll have a lot of fun this week. I am definitely feeling inspired, and I actually took that inspiration and created a little Instagram Inspiration Collage on my personal...Read More