The Abundance of Poems

There were plenty of poems to go around in the readings. I felt like I was in a graphic Dr. Seuss book. So first off, there was a poem called Poor Naomi. This was the only poem that actually had a melody to it, which made the poem more interesting. In this poem, a couple who wanted to get married. Unfortunately, the man, Lewis, decided to kill his fiance by drowning her in the river and leaving her there. He left, and was never caught for the murder. The next poem was about the bad man Stackalee. Stackalee and a man named Lyons got into a bar fight. Stackalee’s hat was ruined by Lyons. So Stackalee decided to shoot Lyons two times in the chest. Just for ruining his hat! That’s what I find funny about this poem because Stackalee shot someone for ruining his hat. This poem, is about Grace Brown. And Grace Brown was murdered by her husband, all because he just wanted a divorce. I feel like this has a connection to Allie and Fred’s story, like in the sense that “if I can’t have her no one else can” kind of thing. Which is kind of ridiculous. Now onto Belle Gunnes. I found some aspects of this poem to be absolutely hilarious. I mean a 300 pound woman, who likes to butcher men and hogs? That’s not something you hear everyday. I thought it was interesting, as well, “that she was stronger than a man her neighbors all did own”.  Andrew Borden was murdered by a hatchet to the head. The case remained a mystery until they figured his youngest daughter, Lizzie, killed him. However, they found that she was too fragile and set her free. I believe though, that Lizzie did kill her father. The last poem we read was about Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde were bank robbers who had a successful streak until, they eventually got caught.