The Planning Adventure Begins!

Hiya! So this semester is off and running and not only is it a big one, I’m declaring my major in a few weeks, balancing my classes and working as a tutor for the Digital Knowledge Center, I’m also taking on a new adventure as well. What adventure? I’m planning my study abroad! I want to study abroad in the Fall semester next year (2015). I’m in the semester before I want to go abroad, I need to get on the planning bus! I haven’t picked a specific program yet, but I’ve been brain storming and planning what programs I could do abroad. The picture below shows my essentials for the past couple of days.

Planning Essentials!

I’ve already been to the Center for International Education multiple times since I’ve been back at UMW and I think things are off to a great start. My first meeting there, I was looking at different programs that might spark an interest to me, South Africa or London. South Africa is my number 1 place to go, I fell in love with Cape Town watching Ben Brown’s videos on YouTube while he was in Cape Town a couple of weeks ago. Some of these videos some what attempt to show how picturesque Cape Town is. With his inside view of Cape Town he’s able to capture the best images of the city and the surrounding areas.

After looking through some programs I found this program through AIFS in Stellenbosch, South Africa which is directly east of Cape Town. Its not Cape Town, but I can take day trips there. Stellenbosch would be my number 1 program.

Now I want to have a backup just incase something doesn’t go right with the program, so London is my second option. And its not a bad option either. I went to London a year ago with my grandparents and my sister. I would totally go back in a heartbeat. I loved the vibe of the city. I’m excited for this chance to go as well because I would definitely explore the city even more. So with that in mind I found another program through AIFS in London. I would be so happy to go to either place, although South Africa is my top choice. I just want to go abroad in general.


I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go abroad and I am looking forward the upcoming semester and how things will unfold! And I can’t wait to take you along with me!


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