The Secret Life of Beatrice Russell

Hiya! For my final project I decided to use Beatrice Russell as my main focus. I created 4 social media sites for her: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I decided to use these social media sites because I thought she would want to focus on things outside of work. I thought Facebook and Instagram would be perfect for her to share what her kids are up to or what she does in her free time. I also thought Pinterest would be great for her to keep a lot of the things she does on a daily basis in order, like recipes for dinner. Twitter was just a random thing because I think she would enjoy tweeting and retweeting things.


So here is Beadie’s Bio!

“Hi I’m Beatrice Russell! I am a police officer for the port authority of Baltimore. I check the containers for their customs tags. I have a son and a daughter, who I love spending my free time with. I stumbled upon a huge crime scene and I helped take down a big corruption ring in the port. I really enjoyed working with McNulty and his group, it was a lot of fun working that case!”

Here is her profile picture:


Also if there was a site that allowed a cover photo here is the one I used:

Baltimore port

So feel free to add Beadie on any of her social media!

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