Tremendous Amount of Daily Creates!

Here’s today’s daily create! It was definitely a milestone since it is the 1000th day. We were supposed to pick 3 different photos from different daily creates and either collage them or merge them together. There were a few options to pick from in the description, one from the 1st, 10th, or the 100th daily create. I decided to merge three different photos from the suggested daily creates. I took Sandy Brown Jensen’s photo from the first daily create (the picture of the shell). Then I found Jonas Backelin’s photo from the 10th daily create (The background photo). And finally I found Danielle’s photo from the 100th daily create (the crayons). I made Jonas’s picture as the background then I was going to crop out the background of the other two pictures and merge them into Jonas’s picture. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that in photoshop because I kept getting a message saying I couldn’t edit the pictures themselves. So I decided to leave them in the middle of the photo next to each other. I actually like how this turned out even though my original plan didn’t work out. I think its so cool that there have been 1000 daily creates in the ds106 community!

Click to see it on Flickr!
Click to see it on Flickr!

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